Saturday 6 November 2010


I previously mentioned that I did take the side strip off and turn it around.  You can see it matches the chequers which is quite strange because I certainly didn't consciously do it that way!  Must have been the little fellas at it again, and the nap of the velvet is the same now.

Month 5 was to add two pieces to the top (or bottom), one 4 x 6 inches and one 4 x 7 inches.  my 6" piece is the three strips of silk to the left and the 7" piece is the silk with the mottling and small piece of velvet to the right.

I must admit to struggling a little with this.  I do work quite a lot intuitively, seeing where the work takes me with a vague idea but I think the stumbling block is that someone else (Kate) has the master plan and I haven't had a peek.  I feel this way when I have a workshop and there are very vague instructions or I haven't seen tutor 'samples' of what we should be doing.  Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying the challenge and Kate is doing a fab job being hostess but I am pushing myself through a wall each month.  Perhaps I need to do this more often!!