Thursday, 19 April 2012

Oh My!

I thought March went quickly, but who stole April??  I haven't even done a single post for April.  I'm sure you lot haven't missed me but I missed the sort of routine, just to put something down somewhere to know it happened, lol. 

The baby quilts went off to meet their new owner last week.  Baby Leo arrived on the 6th April, all 7lb 13 oz of him.  Perhaps I could sneaky knit him a few bits here and there too.  I have finished a couple of little cardies but in girl colours so they will go on the charity table in the Autumn. 

I have also been working on the wedding guest book for Elsa and Mike.  I'm sure Elsa and I can come up with making a quilt together for them some time after the wedding but in the mean time we need this for the actual day.

I am really quite pleased with it, especially how the tartan is not too overpowering.  There is a gentle nod towards Mike's Scottish heritage with the tartan and that we will be taking over a whole castle up there for a couple of days.  So looking forward to it!

I also managed to raid the shredder and make some paper.  I only have a small, square washing up bowl though so I will have to buy a bigger one before I make the next batch.  The adding of a little paint to the water worked well too.  Not sure what for or when I will use it but it was fun making it. 

I've added the borders on the black and batik sofa quilt and that is now residing on the longarm frame waiting to be loaded and finished.  I have a trapped nerve in my back at the moment so the last thing I want to do is play on Ariadne!  

I read on a blog somewhere where someone was fed up with putting full sleeves on art quilts and they had discovered fast finish triangles.  Well I think they are good for the journal sized quilts but I prefer a full sleeve on anything larger.  One thing I do do though is split the sleeve.  The photo below is of the two quilts I have just finished for my C&G and show what I mean.  This way they can just hang on a single nail in the wall and are easy to swap around, just like a normal painting. 

This little fellow was adding classy decor to his nest box from a clump of sewing bits I had put out for them.  I hope the Mrs liked what he chose. 

My ever faithful companions.  The other two, Tully and Oscar were, as usual, under my desk under my feet.  I'm glad Ellie is growing too big for under there too!

Well that could be it for this month.  We spent Tuesday morning working out the tulips for three days of the Monte Carlo Rally and one for the San Remo Rally tour.  My back is already twitching again after seeing all those hairpin bends.  Hopefully I will be able to bore you all and blog a few photos but if not, we will be up a mountain somewhere!