Sunday, 19 August 2018

Time to Catch Up!

A picture heavy blog post I'm afraid.

We've had a busy few weeks here.  First the garden was taking up time but then the heat got the better of it.  The dogs didn't think much of it and were glad of their 5am walks in the cooler part of the day. 

The moth trap has had a few more outings.

We are over the main season for moths now but I will put it out a few more times before winter I'm sure.  I have a scrappy list of what we have found and should really make a proper recording for the garden.  The lack of insects this year has been alarming! 

We've been out strawberry picking.  Some did actually make it to the hut!

August is our special month.  First is Cillian and my birthday.  We went to Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World a for a fabulous day out. 

Our wedding anniversary and  barbecues, 

John had his super special birthday. I bought him another bike to tinker with.  

I think he's enjoying rebuilding this one more then the AJS! I'm sure he won't muddle the two up, they are mostly in box bits now.  It's nice to see him fiddling about and the bikes are a much more manageable size than the cars! 

I've done a little bit of creating.  I have been struggling in many ways, the heat being the least of them.  At least that seems to be over now.  There have been a few books.

But not enough.  I am working on a few more pieces and hopefully they will be ready for the September exhibition. 

I also took a glass fusing workshop with Linda Rowe.  She was one of the ladies I exhibited at in Cranborne and she only lives up the road from me.  

There has been the village fete, the pub birthday and a few other things like Farnborough Airshow which our daughter puts so much work into and which John actually managed to visit this time.  He was very proud to see our stand there.

We have also been away to Wales and had a most wonderful time with the girls. Poor Ruger is a bit too old to put up with the car journeys now so he stayed home with Tully and sitters. 

Our house had it's own gate onto the shore which the girls loved. 

We met up with friends, also Pointer owners and had some lovely trips out. 


Can you see the new born seal pups in the last photo?  they're about a week early apparently but a delight to see, even from the cliff tops! 

I took along some crochet and also managed to collect a huge bag of treasure from the beaches which I will have to sort. 

On a moor in Wales I had cathartic moment of tears for absolutely no reason and I finally felt at peace. It was as though my body clock paused for a moment and then started moving forward again. I hadn’t realised how much I had been fighting time backwards over the past few months. I’d had a moment of battery crash on freshwater beach and everything was a stark reminder of how much I had been through at the beginning of the year and how fragile we are.  I have been on the support team of a friend who has had major bowl and ovarian cancer since Christmas and after being given weeks to live is now doing fantastically well after surgery. She is currently touring the country with her dogs and I'm meeting her next month.  There is also the news of my C&G tutor Laura Kemshall and her bowl cancer.  She was having the anaemia at the same time as me and we shared in our iron infusions all be it at different hospitals!  It was a shock that I had been treated, diagnosed, operated on and in recovery before they even discovered her tumour.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am mine was benign and I have an amazing support team. My blood tests a couple of weeks ago were good and I am about to have an appointment for the scan I have to have regularly. 

This week we have relatives visiting from Australia and New Zealand.  We found them through Ancestry DNA and we met three of them last year.  I also have a birthday treat day out with Elsa.  After that it's all go for making some things!! I think I'm a little happier now I feel my body clock has caught up and can move forward again! 

We are now off to a Paddock Party so have a great week.