Sunday, 25 August 2013

A Few Finishes

We have been gradually recovering this week.  Mind you we still managed to fit in a good trip around the more local Hampshire open studios, a rather lovely lunch out and the Stock Gaylard Oak Fair.  

I've been up for a few early mornings and in the studio.  I hope I'm not the only one that like early mornings and find more things are done better then!! 

I finished the two books with the layered silks.  Some old bits of lace I tea dyed around the edges and beaded onto a felt base.

I also added beaded fobs.  They are about A4 size.

I know it may not look like there is too much stitching as it's all in a very neutral pallet but I can assure you that there is.  I started with 33 straws from Mulberry Silks and I have 8 almost depleted ones left.  And don't you love the wrong side of MoP buttons just as much as the front?

I have also been doing a lot of baby things.  Three cardies (mostly in a larger size until we know what it will be), a sleeping bag, a couple of quilts and a few other bits.  I think that has just about worked the baby thing out of my system.  For now anyway.  It's great how they knit up so quick!  I did a complete cardie in the car on the way to Scotland and back.  (The hat to this one was made today watching the F1).

(You can tell I've got the hang of the photo shrinking can't you?!?!)

This morning I layered up some of the silks I have received from the Thread Studio Silk Club onto another piece of felt.

I have been travelling around forever with my little point and shoot taking it's chances in the bottom of my bag. It could explain why I seem to go through so many cameras! A new case has been on my todo list and today it became a todone!

And, I must include this.  John is also a little fiddler.  We have run out of space for cars for him to rebuild and so he has moved on to lawn mowers.  I must admit they are far more easy to accommodate!! This is a rather rare Kubota he found on Ebay recently.

To be honest, I tell a lie.  What he bought bears no resemblance to this mower!  It was a non working wreck.  It has now been totally stripped, de-dented, de-greased and rebuilt and it now mows like a good mower should.

Some men spend money playing golf gaining a score card and backache.  John has the satisfaction of a working item that has great resale potential!  Not sure what he will find next to tinker with but it won't be golf clubs! lol

Have a great August Bank Holiday.


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

August, a Jolly, Jolly Time

Please bear with me as I try to catch up with August.  It's our fave month!  No idea why really.

My birthday was on the 2nd.  I had some rather lovely presents and a nice treat of Chris taking us out to dinner at a restaurant a friend of his has.

This is upstairs in The Library.  A very exclusive atmosphere.  Sort of place you wouldn't be surprised to find Noel Coward or Hercule Poirot lurking in a corner.   Lots of leather chairs, zoffoli globes (about 7 I think), old glass and bar memorabilia. The two fireplaces and paneling were rescued from Wales I believe. Lots and lots of attention to detail to make it feel very special.

Joel the multi award winning barman and one of Chris' oldest friend rustling up John a pre dinner Martini, stirred not shaken, he doesn't like to be too Bond about these things.

This is The Larderhouse restaurant downstairs. The main dining area is quite taverna and has a very Spanish flavoured delicious menu. It's always packed and full of life, very different feeling to upstairs.

A really lovely evening, thanks Chris!!

On Saturday the 3rd it was the Stitch N Craft bead picnic and the results of the Chatelaine Challenge I had entered.  No photos, I forgot the camera!! You can see all the entries HERE and mine is the second one in the Intermediate category.

9th August was our 6th wedding anniversary and we drove up to Scotland with Ellie for a few days.

The Waverley zooming passed the Isle of Bute.

I love seeing clouds forming above mountains.  I always think that the Dwarves have the furnaces going full blast in there somewhere.

The Princess herself bombing around having a ball.

My rather restrained haul!!

And she was so pooped when we were home she even fell asleep with her head halfway up a cupboard. You should of heard the snores.

18th was John's rather special birthday.  It was quite quiet here for him, that was until some friends took us out for a lovely spur of the moment evening and meal!

I'm still recovering catching up here so if I haven't commented on your blog for a while, please forgive me.