Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Using it Up

I have started a new piece this week. Its quite large for me and should end up at 24 inches square. One thing Elsa found and brought round to me one day was a rather large bag full of all the cross stitch threads I had used over the years. Believe me when I tell you I have loads of end of project threads! I’ve gone from the days of saving literally every single inch I could as I didn't have the spare cash to buy more to now just throwing them all at a project to finally use them up. Its really quite liberating!

These pieces I have sewn onto so plastic canvas for a bit of body and structure.

I’m now merging them into the background using up more stuff I've hoarded. Lovely work to do whilst in brain still not working right mode. 

I’ve been putting the photos on my Instagram page, Amo107, and using the #useupthecraftstuff. Feel free to use it too! 

I am waiting for another call from the hospital as I urgently need an iron transfusion apparently.  Iron is far too low, explains brain not working, and they need it higher before they operate. I’m downing enough iron tablets a day to go rusty already.  

All a waiting game, not able to plan and January has all but gone.  

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Making Progress

Ive been home from hospital since Tuesday afternoon. Apart from being with John and smothered in dogs the best part, of course is being in my own bed! Oh, and the silence.  Why is it night staff are so unaware that its our night and we want to rest and get well? Since I've been home Knowle Dawn, shown HERE, has gone off to be a part of the Welcome ‘18 exhibition at Shaftesbury as I will be showing there again in September.  The town of Shaftesbury also has a Snowdrop Festival, which you can read about HERE if you're interested, and I have made this piece to be entered. 
The whole thing is made in silk and the words are, ‘Nor will I then thy modest grace forget, chaste snowdrop, venturous harbinger of spring and pensive monitor of fleeting years’ By Wordsworth. Still to be framed which we will be doing later.  Also a frame needed for this piece I've just backed. Just a little exercise in colour, shape, form, balance really but I'm pleased with it. 
Ilex Punctorum
Other than that you can probably understand things have been a little slow around here. My energy levels are rock bottom, I have a long way to go to get over the anaemia, but I'm not in any rush. I have my own consultant this afternoon and a endoscopic ultrasound specialist next week and then hopefully we will have a plan to get this thing out.  In the mean time I feel like Jadzea Dax with her symbiont.  I did have one highlight on my stay in hospital, my wonderful friend Nat spotted that pets were allowed on the ward and so she brought Miss Dimple in to see me. 
She was an absolute star, not a paw out of place even with two of the ladies having their nebulisers on full blast. She only has her paws on my lap as I encouraged her to for the photo as I couldn't bend down.  She would make a perfect PAT dog. Love GSPs so much!  I may now have a gentle potter around the studio.  At least sort of tidying is constructive!  PS I’ve used Blogpad Pro again and really quite pleased with it!   

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Not Quite as Planned

So the New Year decided to go a bit squiffy with another tummy bleed. On Tuesday 2nd John found me unconscious on the bathroom floor and I don't remember a thing about it. Anyway ambulance took me in and I've had the scope down and they found a GIST bleeding.  Ive had a couple of these. 
If you are an O pos donor and have had a message to say your donation has been used, it could be me!  To any of you donors, thank you.  I used to do it but of course can’t since becoming anaemic and having transfusions in the past. 
It was at the furthest reach of his scope but they managed to cauterise it but the tumour will still have to come out. CT scan first to see if there are any more.  
In the meantime my view is a bit on the bland side. Those blue ceiling lights are actually changing colour all the time through the whole spectrum. It’s for a soothing atmosphere. 
I have my knitting and thank goodness for good internet! YouTube is having a good airing! The decs are probably still up and its 12th night so I'm not sure when they will be down. Perhaps they can stay up until next year I just don’t have the energy.
I’m trying out this BlogPad Pro as Blogsy and Blogger don’t seem to work for me anymore, apologies if text too small and photos too large etc but its just nice to communicate. 
Pass the Sudoku.