Sunday, 31 October 2010

Finally Found Kirstie!! Set the record button!

It's taken quite a bit of detective work and I still don't think it was that easy to find but the new Kirstie's Homemade Home starts this Tuesday, 2nd November, Channel 4, 8pm.   (Thanks Radio 4 for the reminder!)

All chaos here.  I think I have some sort of plan in mind and I'm just about keeping tabs on what I'm moving around where.

I think I may just find some handwork, a good film and a glass of wine in a bit though.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Nearing Completion

Over last weekend I first quickly made a little teabag pin cushion.  The one I had beside Bob kept falling off the table and so I made this one and filled it with fine aquarium sand.  It doesn't move and sharpens the pins too.  It's a 4" x 8" finished size rectangle of stripy pieced fabrics sewn into a tube.  One end is then sewn, re fold 45 degrees on and sew the other seam.  I did make an identical one from calico to hold the sand and put that inside the cover before slip stitching the last side.  If in doubt of the shape, look at those pyramid teabags!!!  (Don't ask me why the background is pink, I think the computer was struggling with the RGB balance.  It's white watercolour paper really!)

The other thing I attacked I had dug out of the UFO pile which was the White Nights quilt by Jinny Beyer.  I had made all the blocks, (all 1" strips!), a while a go and then added it to the pile.  Over the weekend I put in the corners and squared up.  Next job was to piece together and yesterday I put on the borders.  It's over the banister upstairs as it's king size and the only way I can photograph it easily at the moment.  Underneath is the wadding which arrived in super quick time as always from Asding, thanks Ali.

Congrats are to go out to Maggi who has one of her little quilts in print, please go over to her site for a nosey, she also has another of the Mystery Mondays done and it looks smashing.

I'm about to do an all change in the room arrangements and my Nolting mid arm and Grace Pro quilting frame are going onto Ebay, the space is needed.  I am quickly trying to sort a few of the outstanding projects before the upheaval so I will hopefully have a clue to where I am.  We have Mike here at the weekend and hopefully Chris too so I will abuse their muscle power and have them move furniture.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Time to Play with Mystery Monday

The putting together instruction arrived in the in box this morning.  This is what I have up on the design wall at the moment.

John says it looks like a nuclear explosion.

I like the way that you see things very differently through a lens and on a screen.  I can now see the four circles clearly, on the wall I see the baskets.

I may play with it a little before committing but I do like this way.  I also can't find the fabric key at the moment and wanted to check which was my A colour!  Daft or what.  I also think the borders will really finish it.

I think I have a couple of hours to fiddle but I have lunch with some girlfriends today and don't want to become too engrossed!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

SAHR Catch up

I've finally set in piece 4 of the Stay at Home Robin.

BUT I'm not too happy with it.  The chequer doesn't match up and that bugs me.  If I think some over stitching will sort of blend it, I may leave it but I can feel a ripping out coming.  I'll live with it a moment or two......

Monday, 18 October 2010

Temari Finished

I managed to fit in 16 Magical Minis, the 4 inch blocks, over the weekend and finally finished the third Temari.  I started the first, the red, whilst we were going backwards and forwards to the Isle of Wight trying to bring back one of the cars so that was July 2009.  I then managed the black gold one and started the blue.  The blue ended up in the UFO pile whilst other projects took centre stage and as things are usually more balanced in odd numbers I haven't shown them until I had a 'set'.

They all have the rattle inside but I didn't do a wish as these were for me to practise on and not gifts.  They would make a lovely goodwill gift for a bride or new baby (not as a toy) though as they are traditionally given to girls with a secret wish inside and symbolise a happy life. 

Saturday, 16 October 2010

All Quiet

Or not.  We've been a little busy with things other than me sewing so not a lot to post really.  I just needed to move a post on as John took the mickey out of me for using the word 'gota' in the last title!  I was very firmly taught that there was no need for the word 'got' in the English language, there is always a better alternative and so I really don't like that little word.  Me actually using it is very rare!  Strange what peculiar things stick with you from school (Thank you Mrs Robinson, I've never forgotten!).

I completed Module 1 of my C&G course and had a favourable report back.  It was really interesting, I can't remember the last time I did such formal kind of learning.  I've no idea of the structure these things are supposed to take so I just made it up.  Mind you the Module itself was superbly laid out and great to follow.  At the end I could feel my brain unlocking and seeing things quite differently.  I could probably go back and do the whole thing again totally differently, but that would lose the point of the journey.  I have added quite a few extra parts for my own peace of mind though.  Module 2 looks just as interesting and I can really see how the first part has helped me open up for the second.

John was fishing on Thursday and caught a 13 lb cod.  He was over the moon.  He had some for dinner last night and thoroughly enjoyed it, the rest is in the freezer.  I don't eat fish myself but I enjoy fishing, especially salmon on the fly, and prefer catch and release, but John manages to eat his sea catches.  I love looking closely at the fish.  They have the most beautiful markings on them that never seem to work well on camera.  I think it's the freshness and the movement that make the difference, not something you find on the supermarket slab!

Anyway, before my brain starts on another train of thought for a design...  I will pick up a needle this morning, the first in a few days! Sorry no pictures today.

Have a good weekend.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Just Gotta 'Ave 'Em

Our lovely Horse Chestnut is still doing it's thing despite possible signs of the Bleeding Canker, a most devastating disease that could be about to do as much damage to England as Dutch Elm Disease.  Why is it that the conkers, so fresh and plump, are something I find I just have to have, even just for the few days before they start to shrivel. I can't resist!

Perhaps it's that they are so paintable, but I never seem to finally do them in paint or pastel.  Perhaps it's a reminder of the boys in junior school bragging about whose was bigger.  Do you remember the ways to make them last in Conkers? Dry them, bake them, soak them in vinegar all to have the title of a six-er or eight-er or more! Wow.

We'll just enjoy them for the moment and not put them through the rigmarole!

I have been trying to make the Nolting work properly for a few days and I think I have succeeded.  After a few tweaks this morning I have managed to quilt a whole single top for the lady who holds our sewing group today.  Nothing too elaborate, she only wanted stipple which I was more than happy to do on a poorly mid arm!

I also, finally, managed to finish the little panel that I started when we were touring around Spain and Portugal with Elsa and Mike last year!  It was a download from Quilting Arts, just something quick (ha ha) to do whilst away.

There are lots of sitting in the back of the car together stitches and sitting by the pool stitches and waiting for dinner stitches and lots of we're not listening to car talk stitches in that little panel.  

I'm missing Elsa a lot today. 

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Busy Day

We have been looking out at the beautiful red Brandt grapes hanging on the vine outside the study for a while now and thinking it was a shame not to use them.  They're a bit on the small side and pippy but very sweet and tasty.  The birds love them.  I saw a recipe for red current jelly, which I use a lot of in my winter cooking, and wondered about grape.  Sure enough there are plenty of versions of it out there and we chose two that seemed favourable.  A rummage in the garage came to the conclusion that we had sent far too many jars to the recycling and none were left of the right size for the jelly.  After a trip to Hobbycraft we came back with these ten 8oz jars which were soon filed with the most beautiful coloured grape jelly.  Just the labels to print now.

John also went a picked the apples from the trees to make apple sauce. Considdering the harsh pruning we have put the trees through over the past couple of years, we were surprised at how many there were.  All bagged up and in the freezer now.

I bought some round needles whilst we were at Hobbycraft as I've joined Debbie's Sock Club just to find some of her lovely yarn in the post box every month.  I've just finished knitting John a hat for this winters fishing and realised how much I missed it and how easy it is to watch a film etc doing it.  I used to do knitting for pin money when the children were very small for a friend of mine who had the local knit shop.  It soon all comes back though.  No more cold feet this winter! 

For absolutely ages I have wanted to buy a set of Tsukineko fabric inks.  Not just any set, the workstation.  Of course it's not for sale over here and I hummed and ahhed about having it sent over.  I found it on the Overstock site who now ship to UK with the claim that what you pay is what you pay.  No added taxes or shipping.  I thought, OK, this has to be worth a try!  No customs or Parcel Force/Royal Mail rip off??  Yeah right!!!   And here they are all the way from Newark. AANNNDDDD I ordered them a week ago on the 26th September.  No waiting, no extra charges, no problem.

Pickled onions are soaking in brine tonight for pickling tomorrow.  Roast pork with apple sauce, squash and beans from the garden for dinner and a Tsukineko DVD to watch later.  A good day.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Another Visit

It must be a male thing.  Our mail sparrow hawk seemed to have an interest in the hand tools the last time he visited the garage.  This time it was one of the cars.  So interesting and exciting in fact, he knocked himself out!

How John first found him...

And just as he was coming too.

John managed to give him a quick once over, very quick!, and he flew off up the garden.  Quite a relief.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Ear, Ear!

You may have noticed I’ve had a little change in the decor.  I thought I’d better move over to the newer model of template, the old one was becoming a little unpredictable.

I’ve just finished catching up on week 5 of the Mystery Mondays hence the post title.  All those ears to snip Maggi!!!  Now just to do week 6 tonight and I’m ready for this Monday.  Phew!

I’ve also done this year’s Christmas ornament.  Silk with gold threads and beads with the date on the back.

The little Harvest Fields scrim piece finally had its binding put on too.

In the post today arrived these cops of King Tutt.  No there’s not a baby imminent, I just have a few tops to quilt that happen to be in those colours!

Also this Madeira Lana threads selection in the variegated.  So touchy feely and soft.  I think they will be more hand work than machine. (Don't ask me why they are sideways, it's taken me 1.5 hours to get this far!! I'm hating Blogger at the moment. (And now they're upright! !))

And last came a Procion MX dye beginner’s kit.  I’ve only ever used Dylon in the microwave up to now but the C&G will be using some proper stuff later.  Should be fun.  They were from D&T Craft and Design.

I’ve made a start in to the course, I think I’m happy with what I’ve done so far.  It’s over 20 years since I did anything properly educational so a new learning experience again (excuse the pun).  I’ve also asked to join in Barbara’s hand quilting day at Jacky’s shop in March, John will be going with me but he’s found a fishing lake or two to keep him busy.  Looking forward to that.

Dinner will be in the oven in a minute and then MM week 6 and maybe the SAHR too with perhaps a little Magical Minis thrown in for evening entertainment.