Monday, 18 October 2010

Temari Finished

I managed to fit in 16 Magical Minis, the 4 inch blocks, over the weekend and finally finished the third Temari.  I started the first, the red, whilst we were going backwards and forwards to the Isle of Wight trying to bring back one of the cars so that was July 2009.  I then managed the black gold one and started the blue.  The blue ended up in the UFO pile whilst other projects took centre stage and as things are usually more balanced in odd numbers I haven't shown them until I had a 'set'.

They all have the rattle inside but I didn't do a wish as these were for me to practise on and not gifts.  They would make a lovely goodwill gift for a bride or new baby (not as a toy) though as they are traditionally given to girls with a secret wish inside and symbolise a happy life. 


  1. These are just beautiful. WeLL DoNe!!

  2. Thanks Cheryll. Surprisingly they don't actually take that long to do, it's mostly in the preparation, but 15 months is a bit daft really!

  3. I have always admired these beautiful pieces of art! Great job!


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