Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Clearing up, Not

This past week I’ve made another 37 Cosy Collars for GSP Rescue UK and 18 have already sold! eBay HERE and Rescue and the dogs HERE

I’m so pleased they are helping those dogs who aren’t as lucky as mine. Selling is the name of the game but I hope there are some left for Crufts in March! 

I also had a good news email! My sketchbook finally arrived at the Sketchbook Project and they have it listed. It may be a couple of months before it’s added digitally but I’m so relieved it is safe and in one piece.

We’ve had the decorator in and the house has been a bit upside down which has been a fabulous excuse as to why I still haven’t finished tidying the nasty corner in my studio. I know it’s going to be a big job and there are several unfinished projects under there too. At the moment I’m concentrating on the collars, finishing an online course I’ve been on, getting ready for Craft4Crafters this year, I’ll be on stand 133 with Maggie Grey and Fiona again. Come and say hello if you’re visiting.

One thing I did dig out was my tall ship Racehorse. 

John bought me this to do back in 2003 when I built the hull from scratch using tiny slithers of wood. When we moved here it went on the back burner and it’s been sitting in a corner of my studio ever since!  I thought it time I finish it and get it safely out of the way.

I have sorted everything out for it, discovered where I am, repaired a couple of bits and moved on a little. I’m now ready for the rigging but I’m going to have to put it to one side again while I focus on C4C stuff. At least I know where I am with it now!

There have also been a few more crocheted cowls, my evening work. 

I make them up as I go along from different yarns so none of them are the same.  I may be putting a few in for the rescue auctions soon. 

Oh and the octopus.  Did I mention the octopus??