Sunday, 31 December 2017

Bye 2017!

This past year must have been one of the fastest on record!  Yes I know it still had 365 days but I swear there's been a time warp somewhere! I can remember things like the charity walks for MacMillian and GSP Rescue Trust and the long time spent in hospital but there's a lot of blur in between.  That's where blogs are handy, if you keep them up, just to remind you.

We had a lovely Christmas.  We started the day with the dogs opening their Secret Santapaws presents.  

It's another charity based event and such great fun. 

You are paired with someone with the same number of dogs as yours so it's very fair too.

As well as treats they had toys and personalised towels, all very much enjoyed so thank you Secret Santapaws.

I have a new studio apprentice.

I could be vying for space in the not too distant future! Perhaps I should have signed Olivia up for the sketchbook challenges too as she is such a good artist.

Yesterday was our Twixtmas Pointy Blast.  

Most of the gang
This year we travelled down to West Wittering and the weather was so kind to us considering the horrid storms we've been having! 

The light level was still quite low so a lot of the photos are a bit on the dark side. 

It was fabulous to see 18 dogs all having so much fun together and not a cross word between them as always. 

Even little Tully is one of the mob. 
Willow, Tully and Talis

It's an amazing beach for dogs as there is nowhere for them to go and it's huge when the tide is out.  there were several other dog groups and plenty of room to zoom.

In preparation for tomorrow's new year I have joined the 30 day Sketchbook Challenge with Susan of Magenta Sky and the January Challenge with 64 Million Artists.  Both promise to be quick think things so lets see how long I last with those! 

I've braced myself for a new round of healthy eating, not diet.  I am, one day, actually going to win on that score too.  Tum does suffer a fair bit since the gallbladder op so even more reason to try and get it right! 

My email box has been having a major clear out too ready for the new year.  I've unsubscribed from more places than I care to think about but that should me less time sifting through the rubbish! 

John is spending today playing with his motorbike in the garage so I'm putting something Moroccan in the slow cooker and going to play in the studio.  

I've chosen Complete as a word for the New Year.  I have plenty on that score to try and get on with!! 

Have a happy, healthy and creative New Year!

Monday, 18 December 2017


I've been on a bit of a roll lately and I'm loving it! 

I've organised more of my collected junk into another Junk Journal to go with the one I made in September HERE.

Plenty of writing pages and places to tuck things in.

I made a piece inspired by a beautiful sunrise one morning on our dog walk.  19.5 x 8 inches.

Knowle Dawn
Rock of Ages finally had a backing put on.  I'm just waiting for the hanger to be forged by Colleen du Pon and it will be complete. 
Rock of Ages
And I'm now working on a piece taken from the edge of a holly leaf.  

I hope this momentum keeps up!! 

Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Dread C Word

Well this past week I decided to just get on with Christmas.  There.  Now it's December I can say it without shuddering.  Almost.

I was fed up with the wrapping paper in the bottom of the wardrobe always being a mess so I made a hanger thing with pockets to hang in there instead. 

I think I may tighten the elastic on the pockets a little but it is nice to be able to see whats in there without a fight. 

All the cards have been bought and sent. Then I saw this post HERE by Gina Ferrari so had a go at making a dozen. 

OK, so no good for this year but they're all packaged up and put away for next year.  Probably for the village Christmas Fare or something, if I don't lose them like I seem to have done with a load of printed ones.   

Please don't tell me I'm the only one making things now that will do for next year as it's too late for this? 

I also finished my little piece I started in a Fay Maxwell workshop back in September.  

It was an enjoyable little thing to do and has finished at 8 inches so I'll probably mount it onto a sketchbook slip. 

So I'm quite pleased I have finished the horror of Christmas shopping all bar a few bits and my lists have lots of ticks beside them.  My desk is sort of clear and I think I can try a few new things. I feel quite happy! We might find the decorations over the next week sometime.  Maybe. 

I must say a HUGE congratulations to Daughter Elsa who was told last week she passed her Masters with merit!! So proud of her!! It was a long 5 years and she did it all holding down a job and producing two beautiful babies too! Wonder Woman if you ask me. 

Have a good week. 

PS Darren, I've been using the infamous blue felt you'll be pleased to hear!