Sunday, 21 August 2016

Genie's Finally Finished!!

After a few days of really knuckling down I've finally finished!

I learnt several little tricks and I'm pleased I've done it.

My fingers are now rather sore and the joints ache though.

It has been cloggin up my todo list so I'm pleased it's done.

There's about 200 hours of work in that and it's only 6 inches tall.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Catch Up Again

Well what an exciting couple of weeks I’ve had!! First there was a week of one of my dogs being very ill and needing emergency treatment including a big operation, he’s nearly 11 so worrying.  I’m pleased to say he’s almost back to normal after lots of TLC, just the hurdle of 20 or so stitches out on Monday!  Could be challenging. 

Then this week, as you will have possibly read on FB, my 50th birthday with the sudden and one week early arrival of my grandson on the same day!  Lots of cuddles for him and his now big sister have been in order of course.  

We also, finally, opened a bottle of port we found about 11 years ago when we first moved here.  We arrived at this house with two sofas and a mattress so visited a couple of auctions to try and fill up the space and this was one of the nice buys! It was decanted and allowed to breath for some time and it goes down lovely, especially with a bit of English blue cheese! 

I have managed to make up a quilt top from a kit I bought when we were in New England a little while ago and it’s now draped over the longarm frame waiting for the quilting bit. 

Kate Crane of The Kathryn Wheel was recently on Hochanda the crafting chanel.  I actually never watch these sell hard programs but as Kate is a FB friend and doing her techniques I thought I would have a go. I'm not likely to manage one of her classes so this was almost as good and she did a fantastic job. I had most of the things already so didn't need to actually purchase, which was a relief! Quite pleased with my result and adaptation of a Pink Pig book. I will now put this in the for sale pile I think.
Cover left and inside tabs right

I’ve also been working on some pieces for exhibiting next year so will only tease you with that at the mo.  We've been up to look at the gallery this week and work out our spaces.  I'm much happier now I know what I have to fill!! 

Aaaannnndddd in between all this I have been plodding away at the Sherry Serafini Genie bag!  It's been slow going for me but it is very intense beading of mostly size 13 and 15 beads.  Sore fingers and joints so gloves have been on! 

Today the weather doesn't look as though it knows what it's doing so I may just head down and try and finish the Genie bag.  I have things stacking up behind it and the panic is building!! 

Have a good week.