Friday, 24 February 2017


Well last week was fantastic!! Had a ball! From set up day right until the end.

Maggie Grey and Fiona Edwards
We were so busy the  whole time we didn't take too many photos.  This was just before the doors opened on the first day. 
Maggie and I were demonstrating at each end of the booth and Fiona was busy in the middle with subscriptions and book sales.  

I had some lovely visitors and comments and my friend Jan Daly, who is local to Exeter, popped by with much needed refreshments!! I also had one of those surreal moments when a face appeared in front of me and I knew I knew it but it wasn't supposed to be there.  The very lovely Shirley from Stitcherydo also came down to say hello. After being blogging friends for must be at least 6 or so years, we finally met face to face!

All back home and unpacked now.  It took a couple of days to get over the withdrawal.  I was honestly fed up with the sound of my voice by the end of it all but miss being surrounded by so many creative people of all levels and disciplines.  Food for the soul.

I did have a massive lightbulb moment 2am Saturday morning.  Caroline and Karren had asked if I wanted to put a piece in the window for our CAKE show next month.  After watching DMTV recently and Linda's porthole technique I realised I could use that with a slight twist and some glorious hand dyed fabrics from Farne who had a stall just around the corner from us, I could make a piece for the awkward position of the window.  

It's virtually made itself so far.  Just a few more seams to hand stitch and then some added stitch to the surface.  Should keep me quiet for a while!

Have a great weekend. 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Nearly Ready for the C4C Show!

As well as life in general happening including some more longer walks I have been getting a few bits ready for the Craft 4 Crafters show at Westpoint this week.
I put together this 8 x 11 inch piece called Opus Motif 1 inspired by, yes you guessed it, the Opus Anglicanum exhibition.
Background made on the embellisher, silk paper central motif and canvas and stitch frame with a 5 strand braid around the edge. I loved the Bishop's stocking and shoe and think I will at least be taking some more sketches from them. 
I also made some matchbox books to display with one of the articles recently done for Workshop on the Web by Lesley Patterson-Marx

Also to demonstrate what you can do with the embellisher I made this piece called Maelstrom this weekend. A pain to photograph as it's 1 metre by 20 cm and Blogsy wouldn't load it on its own so I had to tile it with a couple of close ups. 

All these will be on view at the show from Thursday to Saturday this week on Maggie Grey's stand 165. Would be nice to see some of you there!