Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Creating Has Gone AWOL!

I have no idea where the last two weeks have gone!  As I usually mark the passing of time by going through the photos I have taken I don't think I have achieved much in the creative department at all!! There have been a few personal milestones involving DNA and solicitors but that's another story altogether!!! 

I have worked on parts for a couple more books for November but nothing to show really.  Ann Small has a new book out and I was given a copy.  At first I thought it was going to be another rehash of an old technique, slashing in this case, but Ann actually does some amazing and beautiful things.  I loved the grey skies of Rape fields hanging she did probably as that is the view we have from the house.  I had a new notebook started for the West Country Embroiderers group and needed a cover so read up on her technique and I'm really quite pleased with the result.  Very soft and tactile to handle. 

Speaking of WCE we had a lovely meeting last week before the summer break and I managed to finish off the rock pool piece I showed in the last post.  I also have been fiddling with designing a web page for them as there isn't one as yet and it would be a good place for members to find information rather than phone around.  (I know, telephone, so old fashioned!!) 

John opened the bathroom blind the other morning to find a heron strutting his stuff on the garage roof.  

Not too sure why he was there as we don't have a pond.  He hung around for a few minutes and then flew off towards the pub.  They don't have a pond either!  Slim pickings unless he went down the valley to the stream.  

I had a lovely coffee with friend Karren this morning at the local big house and garden centre.  They have a little antiques barn there and I found these two! 
The knife box is perfect for pens on my desk and I have been looking for a little case to keep the books I am making safe in.  This one is absolutely perfect!  It's lined with newspaper from 1929, whether that's genuine or not I don't know but it certainly could be contemporary. 

Finally if you know me on Facebook you know we've been having a bit of a sad time with Ellie.  She had a lump that kept coming up on her neck.  Well we managed to get her to the vet while it was very inflated and they aspirated it.  We were more than a little shocked when they found mast cells.  She had the lump removed last week and is recovering well.  We are still waiting for the results from the surgery but I'd rather they were absolutely sure they took all the nasty away.  

She's still our beautiful girl even if she has had a bit of rearranging of her neck!! 

Now, back to the studio......

Monday, 10 July 2017

Oh Deer

Reindeer to be precise.  I did another stab along and did this guy.  He's 18 inches from nose tip to antler top.  

There was the option to add a red nose.  I chose not to but he will showing an appearance just at that time of year.

Other projects have included this hoop for my embroidery group.  Theme of the sea.

Lots of encrusting and beads.

Also a bit of nice slow stitch using up some odd bits onto a little scroll.  I see a few of these in my future.  

This crochet bag made a change from knitting in the evenings.  As I did it using DK yarn rather than chunky I did a few extra rounds to make up the size.  There are pockets all around inside, some I stitched to make channels for needles and hooks so they don't become lost in the bottom. I think I will make a smaller version too.  A great way of using all the leftover yarn from the grandchildrens knitting! The pattern is HERE

The Blackbirds flew the nest on 1st July and I just missed them go! They had regular postings on my Facebook page and I was a little sad I didn't have a photo of them leaving.  I hope they have all fully fledged now.  

I have also been in training again as I will be doing another walk in October with Elsa and my friend Natalie.  Not as far this time, just down the Test Valley.  This time GSP Rescue UK will be the 80% beneficiary.  The other 20% goes to the Rotary Club who are the organisers.  

We have a shiney new Justgiving page if anyone would like to donate.  Every pound helps and I am very grateful if you do give to us.  We haven't started nagging people yet but there will be a little nearer the time.  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/amoelsanat

I have the pleasure of lunch out today and a broken filling to sort asap.  Have a great week.