Thursday, 14 July 2016

An All Round Catch Up.

Quite a busy couple of weeks here. Strange though looking back at it it never feels like it's much but I know the days have passed and they are days of doing things! 

I finished a piece from Workshop on the Web using the kit from the last issue.  It was using sand gel medium and a tree stencil.  An interesting effect but I'm pleased with it.  I used Woods in Winter a poem by Longfellow as a base. 

I have also written a piece for the magazine itself.  There is another one in the pipeline but I have to let that one stew for a while longer.  

The Sherry Serafini bag is growing slowly.  It's not a big bag but very time consuming.  Most of the fill beads are sizes 13 and 15.  Tiny!  

I have it here sewn onto a piece of cloth and in a frame to help try and lessen the strain it is actually putting on my tendons.  I seem to be having a bout of tendonitis in the wrist at the moment and it's very painful! The action of gripping the needle is causing it so I am icing it and using stretches to try and ease the pain as well as wearing a support glove.  Oh how we suffer for our art! 

I started quilting a piece I was putting together as a demo piece during the Art Weeks showing curved piecing. Unfortunately my sewing machine decided it didn't want to do any free motion and, where the pebbles and ammonite pieces are at the bottom, it has eyelashed to the extreme on the back.  A lot of pulling out to do and machine is now in Eastleigh being serviced!  That will teach it.  

I had a Couronne stick made for me too which finally arrived this week.  It really did take about 3 months for the chap to have the time to make it.  It has been done beautifully though so I'm pleased.  I've had the quickest of plays with some knitting yarn to show someone on facebook what it is actually for but that is all so far.  

And that yarn was from making this little cardie. 

It's a slightly larger size than newborn but he will be a summer baby so no point going mad!  I did knit this little waistcoat too which he might have the chance of wearing before it's too small. 

And, after 10 months of being with us, Willow is finally learning how to play a little with Ellie.  Sorry for blurred picture but it was such a nice surprise to see them messing around together with an empty kitchen roll tube.  These things take time!! 

Fingers crossed the sun that has arrived today stays for a while!!