Tuesday, 26 June 2012

All Clear, a Finish and a Start

The past few weeks I've had the works done, numerous blood tests, ECG's, CT scans etc.  We've done our fill of hospitals and doctors now thank you very much.  Final results through last night and all good for the serious stuff just another week of blood pressure taking and hopefully that will be coming down too.  All migraine headaches under control, I just have to mainly watch the Aspartame content in foods!  Nasty stuff.

I did tinker a little and finally used the ammonite halves I had for ages.  I think it's finished but something is niggling me!  I did want to put a dangle of some sort in the gap but...  We will live with it a while and see. 


And now for something completely different.

See, not what you thought. 

I am starting to think towards the Dorset Art Weeks in 2014.  A long way off you may think but I would like to have a 'stock' of items to work on and I need to start some-when!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Brooklands Again

I have been a little unwell over the past few weeks but we did manage to do to this years Brooklands meet over the weekend of 16th and 17th June.  This year we concentrated on the Double 12 and will more than likely be entering next year with Winnie our 108 which can be seen at last years event here.

Of course there are old cars...

 Old bikes...

Old aircraft...

Hybrids. This Rolls Royce had a Merlin engine in it.  It made the most fantastic noise!

A little bit of fashion awareness going on for the Vintage Village.

 John with his contemporary 'wanna have' car of the '60's, Lotus Cortina.

A few of our friends readying for the Double 12.  

The hill climb stage.

Regrouping in the Brooklands banking for some control tests.

Geoff with a little more enthusiasm than most!

This very early little car didn't have reverse but added 3 manpower to it's few horsepower.

John about to play in the SLS AMG, this time the new roadster soft top rather than the gullwing.  He ends up with forehead bruises climbing in and out of that one!

It was a great weekend despite the few problems I was having with headaches and we're really looking forward to next years event!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A Great Long Weekend

All last and this coming week is Dorset Art Weeks.  It's the largest open studios event in the UK with over 800 participants showing their work around the county.  We've had a lovely time visiting quite a few, and making the odd purchase.  In fact I've been so inspired by it all I've decided to join the group and will, hopefully, have a bit of a show in two years time (it's biennial).  I asked a friend last night if she would be willing to show her paintings with me and she agreed so I won't be alone at least!  At last I have a focus! I'm really looking forward to it.  Perhaps I can now put into practise all the things I have been putting off doing whilst C&Ging.

We haven't done too much for the Jubilee but last night we did have a beacon lighting at the trig point above our valley.  A good bit of beer and BBQ beforehand, a huge fire that lit up the sky along with five others we could see in the distance, a mass singing of God Save the Queen, several spectacular firework displays in the larger venues like Salisbury and Poole and, not to be outdone of course, Mother Nature had her own beautiful beacon lighting up the sky.

I hope you've had a great time celebrating the Jubilee too!