Monday, 24 March 2014

Well That Was an Interesting Weekend!

On Friday we were planning on a little drive out to see Elsa and Mike, but more of that later.  First thing John went and did some pottering in the garden and I actually warmed up the sewing machine.

I was in one of those I don't know what to do moods and started just generally tidying up when I found this jelly roll which was one of the prizes given to me for Sunset at the West Country Quilt Show.

I'd seen that quick strip method a few times around the internet so I thought I'd use it up with an added fat quarter to add stops.  It's really not my colours but for a floor quilt for Olivia it's lovely and bright!  It took 1 hour 15 minutes to make and is 42 x 60 inch.  Can't beat that for a quick fix can you!

In the mean time John's pottering turned out to be preparation for another 5 fence panels to be replaced. Again these were in slot in posts so John just needed a hand lifting the panels up high enough to put them in.  Unfortunately the wind was a little gusty and just as we had one panel at it's highest it was blown backwards.  I hung on to it ok but my right wrist didn't like it very much and there was a nasty pop.  Yes, wrist had given way and I spent most of the rest of the day with ice on it.  I was pleased I had finished the quilt top beforehand though!! Saturday I really wasn't happy with how it felt so John drove me to Salisbury A&E.  X-rays showed no obvious break but there was a large widening on the bones and a very rough looking bit on one of them.  The doctor said it is a torn tendon and she put me in a splint.  Only time can really help at the moment so fingers crossed it will heal with no problems.  I have fingers that move and can wave up and down without too much discomfort but twisting and and any weight is rather painful.  

We still hadn't caught up with Elsa and Mike but Sunday was all planned out!  

There was a little bead fair at Upton Country Park and the Beadworkers Guild were there with the Silver and Grey members display.  My Black Beauty neck piece is on the righthand board top centre among some other beautiful pieces.  

After buying one or two bits (mainly tooling I didn't have so don't tell me off for not Using!!) we went down to Knoll Beach, Studland and let the Pointer Puddle Plus One have a frolic in the sunshine.

Now, do you remember THIS post from las year??  And do you remember that Mike was doing the run too but then THIS happened?  I know quite a few of you were extremely kind in sponsoring them doing the run and you will now be pleased to hear that one year on, a rebuilt leg and a baby later...

...Mike did the run again and finished yesterday afternoon!!

Same people, different poses same fantastic result.

And this time Owen, who was in some of those photos from last year, ran as well.

As you can see the contrast in the weather was amazing but the sunshine doesn't make it any easier, Mike says seeing how far you still have to run is not always the best thing to be thinking!  Three marathons in three days along our amazing coastline is a phenomenal achievement.  Well done all three of you, I'm a super proud Mum!!! xxx

I'm off to see what I can and can't do with a splint on, have a great weekend!! 

(PS The robins are still in and out of the box so hopefully a result!)


Monday, 17 March 2014

The Sun Came Out so Running to Catch Up

Well haven't we finally had a lovely few days! We had one of those weeks where life bits like the dentist had to be seen to.  We also managed to replace five of our destroyed fence panels on Friday and Saturday.  We are lucky to have concrete posts on that part of the boundary so they didn't need replacing but trying to lift a 6 ft panel 6 feet into the air to slide it in place was a very difficult ordeal! John may be very tall but I'm not!  Pulled and sore muscles everywhere now.  I also sorted the long neglected greenhouse.  It had managed to become the home of the cats for several years, (how something covered in such thick fur could put up with the heat is beyond me but they were always in there!), but now we don't have any of them anymore it was time we brought it back to function as it should.  Too much bending down didn't help my tummy much either so this morning everything aches!

I did manage to knit up Olivia's cardigan.  It was a Demne pattern by Knitsofacto and available on Ravelry.  It's knitted in it's entirety from the left cuff across.  A very nice pattern.  The buttons look very pink in the photo but they have that shimmer and caught the light, I think in reality they fit in very well.

We also went up to the farm for a recci about the Open Studios.  We were shown the unused grain barn.  We would have use of the half you can see.  It was all about to be cleared out, cleaned and painted if necessary.  It was a great space with loads of hanging walls, power, light and potential to make something of it all.  Jan didn't like it!

The other option was to use the original shepherds huts.

They are just coming out of their winter storage, when they are all spruced up they are used as camping rooms and very popular.  There are seven in all and we had the offer of using all of them.  The only downside is the access being quite steep and power which would have to be by cable.

The final option was the 12th century St Andrew's Chapel just opposite the farm.  It's lovely inside and has this original fresco on one of the walls. You can read more about it HERE.

Also the bible in the window embrasure had a nice lock on it which seemed to fit with some of my books, it also helps that the vicar was an art teacher.

Everything seemed right with good parking, electricity, a fair space and light.  There is also the opportunity of course of making more people aware of this lovely little slice of history and hopefully put a few pennies in the collection tin. So the Chapel it will be.  Just a mild panic about changiing the wording in the DAW brochure but thanks to a great team it was sorted. It is strange to see my name in print alongside artists we have visited over the years and quite a few who's work we own!!

My little braille book will be in the next exhibition to be held at L'Artishe Gallery in Swanage during April which is great and the Black Beauty neck piece has started it's UK tour and will be at my local bead fair in Poole next weekend, looking forward to going to see it and maybe buy a bead or two.

After a very exciting weekend of rugby and Formula 1 I will hopefully be hiding away in my studio for most of this week!

And finally.......  My favorite, current picture!

We had taken Elsa and Olivia for lunch and John actually decided to push the buggy home.  I cannot tell you the joy it gives me to see John with Olivia.  He never, ever expected to be a grandparent and is certainly not what you call a children person but there is one little lady who is making a bit of headway in his life! I can't wait to see what mischief they get up to when she's older after all, that's what Grandparents are all about isn't it??!

Have a great week! 


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

No 2 and No 3

Last week we flew over to Jersey for the Textile Showcase.  There were a few locations for the exhibitions which we had to hunt out, non of them had any indication on the outside that there was anything going on inside.  Not sure if we missed anything but we gave it our best shot and quite enjoyed ourselves.  There was plenty of time for exploring the island again and even a long visit to the Durrell Zoo.  Friday night was the Gala dinner and I finally managed to catch up with Kim Thittichai who I have been missing like ships in the night for quite some time!  I sat next to Fran Griffith, also a tutor at the event and also quite a near neighbour of ours.  Other than having a couple of phone calls mid dinner to let us know the house alarms were activated everything went well!! Beautiful weather too. The only things I came away with was a skein of hand dyed merino yarn for Olivia and a lovely old big key.

The past couple of days I have made another couple of the little birds from Frowning Francis.

My DAW Partner and I have sorted a proper venue out, at last!!  It may be too late to change the catalogue address but we are only over the road from the farm where we were going to be anyway and a few signs will sort that out.

Today I am layering up some fibres and see where they take me.


Sunday, 2 March 2014

And Now to Frowning Francis

I must be on a roll!!   I have a bought a few patterns as and when I see them and this was another one I wanted to do.  (I really will go back to making my own stuff soon honest!!)

I just adore Frowning Francis' stuff, don't you just love the name? This again came up at Doll Street Dreamers and I thought they would be great to sell on, I'm allowed to do six a year for resale, anything to add to the charity coffers.

I used the black cloth in the little tent thing again but it has a velvety texture and picks up everything, not great when you play with textiles!!

It was also a great excuse to dig out all the metal I had been hoarding and use the Big Shot to embellish them.  (Use, use, use!!!)

I can't give him a name, I think that would be up to the new owner should someone want to buy them.  For now just Number 1 will do.  He's about 9 inches from beak to tail and 7 inches high including twiddly bits.

Perhaps this Open Studio thing is starting to become reality.