Monday, 17 March 2014

The Sun Came Out so Running to Catch Up

Well haven't we finally had a lovely few days! We had one of those weeks where life bits like the dentist had to be seen to.  We also managed to replace five of our destroyed fence panels on Friday and Saturday.  We are lucky to have concrete posts on that part of the boundary so they didn't need replacing but trying to lift a 6 ft panel 6 feet into the air to slide it in place was a very difficult ordeal! John may be very tall but I'm not!  Pulled and sore muscles everywhere now.  I also sorted the long neglected greenhouse.  It had managed to become the home of the cats for several years, (how something covered in such thick fur could put up with the heat is beyond me but they were always in there!), but now we don't have any of them anymore it was time we brought it back to function as it should.  Too much bending down didn't help my tummy much either so this morning everything aches!

I did manage to knit up Olivia's cardigan.  It was a Demne pattern by Knitsofacto and available on Ravelry.  It's knitted in it's entirety from the left cuff across.  A very nice pattern.  The buttons look very pink in the photo but they have that shimmer and caught the light, I think in reality they fit in very well.

We also went up to the farm for a recci about the Open Studios.  We were shown the unused grain barn.  We would have use of the half you can see.  It was all about to be cleared out, cleaned and painted if necessary.  It was a great space with loads of hanging walls, power, light and potential to make something of it all.  Jan didn't like it!

The other option was to use the original shepherds huts.

They are just coming out of their winter storage, when they are all spruced up they are used as camping rooms and very popular.  There are seven in all and we had the offer of using all of them.  The only downside is the access being quite steep and power which would have to be by cable.

The final option was the 12th century St Andrew's Chapel just opposite the farm.  It's lovely inside and has this original fresco on one of the walls. You can read more about it HERE.

Also the bible in the window embrasure had a nice lock on it which seemed to fit with some of my books, it also helps that the vicar was an art teacher.

Everything seemed right with good parking, electricity, a fair space and light.  There is also the opportunity of course of making more people aware of this lovely little slice of history and hopefully put a few pennies in the collection tin. So the Chapel it will be.  Just a mild panic about changiing the wording in the DAW brochure but thanks to a great team it was sorted. It is strange to see my name in print alongside artists we have visited over the years and quite a few who's work we own!!

My little braille book will be in the next exhibition to be held at L'Artishe Gallery in Swanage during April which is great and the Black Beauty neck piece has started it's UK tour and will be at my local bead fair in Poole next weekend, looking forward to going to see it and maybe buy a bead or two.

After a very exciting weekend of rugby and Formula 1 I will hopefully be hiding away in my studio for most of this week!

And finally.......  My favorite, current picture!

We had taken Elsa and Olivia for lunch and John actually decided to push the buggy home.  I cannot tell you the joy it gives me to see John with Olivia.  He never, ever expected to be a grandparent and is certainly not what you call a children person but there is one little lady who is making a bit of headway in his life! I can't wait to see what mischief they get up to when she's older after all, that's what Grandparents are all about isn't it??!

Have a great week! 



  1. That is so cute. I think you may be right going with the chapel as it seems to have the right credentials in so many ways.

  2. You sound very busy! We have also been getting through the list of jobs since Brian retired (and new fencing was one of them :-)
    There's still plenty more on the list to keep him busy for some time yet though.....
    Sounds like you're in for an exciting time ahead....the chapel looks perfect.
    And Olivia's jacket is so cute; hope she likes it. xx

  3. Good that you have found your venue. John looks very happy with his new role in life.x

  4. The chapel is a super location, fancy having so much choice!! The cardi instructions sound unusual, but I guess it saves much of the sewing together? I had a phone call from a new embroidery customer - she wants her (unborn) baby's name on; her hospital bag, his pillow and quilt for his Moses basket and each of about 20 smalls (vests, bibs and babygros). I tried discussing the rediculousness of it, but she came back a second time. (When she told me who she was ie her maiden name I knew the family - very rich, new money, daddy's girl, more money than sense!) and gave up on the logic, and told her it would be £95 - didn't even blink! I think I could have said £500 and she'd have happily paid !!!).


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