Sunday, 2 March 2014

And Now to Frowning Francis

I must be on a roll!!   I have a bought a few patterns as and when I see them and this was another one I wanted to do.  (I really will go back to making my own stuff soon honest!!)

I just adore Frowning Francis' stuff, don't you just love the name? This again came up at Doll Street Dreamers and I thought they would be great to sell on, I'm allowed to do six a year for resale, anything to add to the charity coffers.

I used the black cloth in the little tent thing again but it has a velvety texture and picks up everything, not great when you play with textiles!!

It was also a great excuse to dig out all the metal I had been hoarding and use the Big Shot to embellish them.  (Use, use, use!!!)

I can't give him a name, I think that would be up to the new owner should someone want to buy them.  For now just Number 1 will do.  He's about 9 inches from beak to tail and 7 inches high including twiddly bits.

Perhaps this Open Studio thing is starting to become reality.



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