Monday, 24 September 2018

September is Done

Last week my friend Karren and I had our exhibition at Shaftesbury Arts Centre Gallery.  I forgot to take photos!  Here are a few of the bits I was showing that I'm not sure if you've seen anyway. 

It can become confusing as to what I have shown here, on FB or on Instagram. 

I had quite a few books at this one which is the reason why I didn't have them at the Art Weeks. 

I've promised myself no more exhibitions for a while for now. I just want to potter and play without a deadline.  Saying that I do have one in 2020 and I know how fast time flies! 

I finished my second Cosmic, in denim and white this time.  The other is off to the USA.  I will be raffling this one soon.

I then discovered crochet pooling. Its a way of adjusting your tension whilst crocheting a colour change yarn so the change happens at points you want it too rather than randomly. Quite effective! 

At least I can watch TV with this one. 

I attended a  workshop last weekend at The Purbeck Artisan Workshop with Michelle of Harbour Wood Designs.

That was a fun day out and I shared my space with Coconut!!! 

Our dog walk out where we actually managed to meet my friend Lin was fabulous.  Lots of lovely sunshine, running around and laughter. 

The Grands have been having a great time learning how to drive the tractor. 

Not bad for 4 and 2.  There was also a bit of motorbike sitting but that's not quite as much fun as steering yourself. 

The garden is due for a huge clear-out this winter.  So many of the trees and shrubs have had too much space and we are going to reduce them.  Some of the hazels will be coppiced too.  The trouble with a huge garden is getting rid of the stuff but between the compost heap, the shredder, the chipper and the fire we just about manage! We try to be as eco as we can! 

When we stayed in Pembrokeshire our friends gave us a recipe for liver cake for the dogs.  We had to make some of course. 

It was very popular.  Most of it is in the freezer as it's quite rich and just a treat. We loved our time in Pembs so much we will be going back for another visit soon.  Can't wait! 

I'm not too sure what Blogger is doing.  I still don't have any emails to say if you have commented on my posts.  That means I don't have an email to reply to you directly so I have been going back and doing so on your actual comments.  I have tried everything suggested on the Blogger Forum and, like many, many others, nothing works.  

As I am now going to be a potterer and player I will go off and potter and play.  Have a good week.