Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Wedding...


It does not seem 18 months ago that Mike whisked Elsa away after she returned from Afghanistan and proposed (announcement here, no Benta I didn't wear a hat lol) on top of a mountain (quick flash of ring and mountain here!)

We travelled up to Scotland last week to see the happy couple tie the knot in a beautiful ceremony at Comlongan Castle.

Mike's brother Mark, Dad and Mum.

The Bride entering the Great Hall on the arm of her brother Chris having climbed three stories of a very narrow spiral staircase in that dress!  

A reading by Mark to his brother and bride. (And a view of the back of the dress!)

Chris and his lovely girlfriend Sian in the gardens.

The Best Man Owen looking rather dashing, Elsa, Mike and Maid of Honour Cat who did a fabulous job of nerve calming.  In fact both Owen and Cat could probably make a good living of how to do this, they were both great! 

John and I with Bride and Groom.

We thought this painting was a portrait of Ben, Cat's partner, and John was just showing that he can do a very good monkey grump too.

We girls together.

And, as yet, the only professional photo out there!  So looking forward to seeing the rest of them!!

Just one of those days when everything clicked into place.  

Have a wonderful life together my lovelies! 


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Well Done Gregory!

We've had a couple of those strange weeks where we've been doing lots, but nothing seems to have been done!  However!! That said I have found my outfit for the wedding, and all the bits that go with it, and we have had the Bridal Weekend which was so fantastic.  It was lovely being pampered, well fed and shop until we couldn't carry any more! Everything seems to be going along the right course, including the last minute panics that are expected from a Bride-to-be!  Having to reassure your daughter that her wedding dress is not going to fly down the M6 on it's own having escaped out of the car window is interesting.  Elsa can tell you to the minute when the wedding is, she is so excited, but it's about 2 and a bit weeks.  Ish.  lol.

I've also had one of these.

Other than that we have had the annual county craft show and I was asked to enter the Champion of Champions as my necklace blogged here won last year's trophy.  A previous year's trophy winner has to be entered with another, new piece in the same category so I put it in with the Jurassic neck-piece here and, though I didn't win the C of C I did win a gold Work of Outstanding Merit.  I wouldn't have like to have been the judge as all the work was super and all so very different from needlework, weaving, painting,  photography etc.  It must have been a nightmare to chose!  The big trophy went to a lovely stitched box of chocolates by Sally Silk that were very life like!

I also entered Laurel and Gregory in the Toys section. Laurel won the Silver and Gregory won gold and the section trophy.  Very pleased, and so is he.

I've managed a little stitch work with some free embroidery on little panels.  I have then mounted them onto some of the paper I made and then onto stretched canvas.  I've just started some hand stitching around the edge to marry it all together.

We've been having a few confidence issues with Ellie so she has been having special training including sniffer dog work!  It's great fun!  She can sniff out a lavender scented toy from a selection of boxes easily and she is learning to cope with other dogs around her that are not 'her' family very well.

We're are now going to settle down to catch up with the day's Olympics and light the fire, I wish it were warm!!!

Have a great week.