Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Couple of Finishes

I finally finished the hand pieced hexi top.  Now just to layer and quilt.  It isn't a huge size, 44 x 36 inches, but I'm sure Olivia can use it in the garden or for toys when she's bigger.  

I've also pieced and appliqued the Lady of Shalott top.

Miles of double blanket stitch which takes an age with all those points and corners!  Really love the shapes and colours, quite a disappointment to find that Ricky only uses cheap calico to dye for his kits.  For the price I would have hoped for a poplin.

I also had another go with the keys.  I carefully roll wrapped them and left them for two days this time. Much better!

These three photos are all one piece.  Some great key shapes here.

I am still working on reducing The List!! There seems to be a kind of block that I can't go beyond until some of these things are done but I can feel other things starting to grow in the background.  I've done a little re thinking to so I don't feel quite so pressured about it.

We will be having some building done to the house soon.  It was supposed to start in June but we keep hitting obstacles namely Natural England, because we have bats! Over the moon to have them and we already have bat boxes and we will be bending over backwards to accommodate them (it's only a day roost not a maternity or hibernation roost)  but those who hold the strings just love their high and mighty positions and making life as difficult as possible for everyone.  The scaffolders will be moving on to other things soon if we don't stop having to mess them around! I just hope that the pen pushers all come across a pain in the neck jobsworth whenever they want to do anything to their homes! (sorry, little rant there)

This popped up in the lawn the other day.  We've had fairy rings and puffballs but never a Parasol this huge before.
 And today we have a birthday!

Ellie will, no doubt, make sure she is the centre of attention as always.

Have a great week!