Wednesday, 24 April 2019

I've Moved!!!

I took the leap! I'm hoping I've done the right thing anyway. 

New blog address

If you head on over through the link there are Follow options on the right hand side, it would be great to see you over there. 

I'm sure there will be a bit of shuffling around and changes as I find out what it can do. Hopefully being able to blog on the move and comment on other blogs via the iPad or phone will be one of them! 


Monday, 22 April 2019

Happy Easter

I know it’s almost done but Happy Easter.  It’s been a warm one hasn’t it!?

Anyway, just a quick post to say I’m having trouble posting comments on other blogs. Google is playing up again.  Mind you I’m hearing from some others that I’m not alone!!! There aren’t many on here either but thank you to those who are still managing to talk to me via email, FB and even my sadly neglected website! Are Blogger’s days numbered? I’m seriously looking at transferring over to Wordpress. 

In other news I have a partial tear in a tendon of my rotator cuff and cortisone is helping. Well it’s helping so much I forget I’m supposed to be looking after it and hurt it again. Anyway, using a needle is currently not affected! 

Enjoy the sun while it lasts! 

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

More Hooking Than Needling

At the beginning of the month we had our first Crafty Cuppa at the pub. It's something my friend Tracy and I have wanted to do for a little while but we had to wait for the new pub tenants to settle in. We didn't tell many people as we want it to build, if at all, slowly and Tracy and I are more than happy to sit with a nice pot of tea and homemade soup or/and cake while we sew, knit or crochet anyway.  

Mal turned up with her very old crochet bedspread that needs lots of TLC.

This is just a little bit I helped her with, before and after. 

One of those weirdly satisfying jobs! I'm looking forward to doing more next month. Tracy getting on with the start of her double size ripple blanket, and wondering what she's let herself n for as she's just a beginner. 

There were a couple of others who came to see what we were about and I think we may have one or to more showing next month. 

I've bought this crochet pattern and yarn to take around with me. 

It's very portable and quite quick to do. Makes a change for me to do one that doesn't challenge the old grey cells. I'm also part way through Autumn Tartan but that involves using 9 balls at the same time so though the pattern is easy the logistics of controlling all that away from home is a nightmare. 

Last week I was away at Kingcome for a residency workshop with Wendy Dolan. We did her In the Meadows class. 

It was lovely working with like minded people but it may take some time for my waistline to recover!  The food there is seriously good and plentiful! 

At the weekend Elsa ran the Jurassic Coast again, this time as part of the Oner which meant she had 24 hours to do 82 miles. 

Of course she completed it with plenty of time to spare and a smile on her face! 

And in Doggy News we have finally had a Woofeasy put in the gate! 

Chris came and refurbished the side gates and put it in for the girls so they can look down the drive when the sensor goes  off. 

That's when they're not sunning themselves in the greenhouse that is. 

I had to have a cortisone injection in my left shoulder yesterday after Willow yanked my arm back a few months ago.  It's a bit tender still but I have a golf lesson this afternoon so we'll see how that plays out! Some gentle sewing could be in order though!! 

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Climbing Back onto the Planet

Two blog posts this year. It's April. Oh well, the world doesn't stop turning just because I haven't blogged! Thank you for the where are you messages. I've just been in a funny place since last January which seemed to come to a head this year but I'm hoping to start feeling myself very soon!

I have been pottering along with making a few bits this year.  No pressure, just going with the flow if I felt like it. The day after we suddenly lost Ruger I had to leave for the NEC and Crufts.  I was going to cancel but it would have been last minute, I would have let friends down but most of all I would have let the rescue dogs down.  Not all dogs have a lovely life like Ruger did so I took him along in my heart.

Some dog quilts I made for the Rescue to raffle. 

The team on the stand.

Evie and Baylor seemed to know I needed comforting and every time I sat down, I was sat on! 

The lovely Clare Balding. 

Ruger came home, much to my relief.  It does seem strange how a little box can somewhat fill his presence again. 

Elsa brought him a lovely tree to plant.  It's an apple tree, he did love his rapples so much. 

There was also Craft4Crafters at the end of February which I went to with Maggie Grey and Fiona of D4Daisy and the WoWBooks. 

Some pieces I made to demonstrate transfer to fabrics, two books and a panel.

I used one of my bird skulls to make a 3D piece in one of my lovely chunky frames.  It seems a bit dark and sombre but perhaps that's where my mind has been lately.  I like it very much though. 

And in the frame with glass.

Another dark piece I made was a book repurposing pictures. 

I also made another driftwood piece as a gift for friends. I can really get carried away with these!!

The village pub has been taken over by new tenants and there are several events up the new Landlady's sleeve like learning to hand tie a bouquet for Mother's Day! It was a lovely evening. 

A friend and I have started a Crafty Cuppa morning once a month in the pub too and it was lovely to sit around a table with others drinking loads of tea and munching homemade cake! 

Next week I'm back to Kingcombe for a few days retreat with Wendy Dolan. I know the food will be OTT but the company will be fun and i can worry about eating too much another day!

Back soon!!