Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Whoo Hoo!

It seems like ages ago now when were were snowed in.  We have a fairly steep drive and because of the weird freezing rain after the powdery stuff leaving a thick layer of ice over everything we couldn't get out. We are used to being prepared, even though it rarely happens.  Living in a little village does make  you more aware. Anyway, it was all over in a jiffy, pretty while it lasted.

I did take advantage and try some snow dying! Not something I'd done before and, as we were all talking about it in the WoW FB group, several of us decided to have a go. 

I'd seen on youTube several versions of applying the dyes and opted for the straight powder way.  the strength of the colours looked promising to start with but, even though I had pre soaked with soda ash, I was a little disappointed with the results. 

I have a large box of quite strongly dyed colours already so perhaps it isn't such a bad idea I have some softer tones to add to them. 

The WW1 Sawdust heart arrived. I asked the organisers if it was OK to make another identical heart of my own to put in our village church and they said yes, a lovely idea. I had a Dorset Artist woodturner friend of mine, Darren Wheeler collect some of his sawdust and make one I did! 

Despite packing it in as hard as I could it was still slightly smaller than the original but you'd have to look hard to notice and they are not going to be next to one another. They both have the names of our fallen on the back on silk too.

I know the village had a bigger population back then but to lose 15 men, and several of them from the same families, must have been quite a blow to the area.  The official one has been sent off and the other is waiting for me to take it to the church later in the year. 

Speaking of the church, I will be holding my Dorset Art Weeks there this time with fellow Dorset Artist Karren Burkett.  Though I loved being at home with John and the dogs last time it was still a bit strange having all those people turn up at my house!  Also the new church warden is hoping to try to have the church used more as a community space, not just by a dozen or so every other Sunday.  It does have a lovely, light area to use too so when he asked me if I'd like to do something there the Art Weeks seemed the logical thing.  Hopefully it will make others see it as a valuable part of the community too.  

Something I have made for the Art Weeks, along with the pincushions, are some zipped pouches. 

These little bits are the equivalent of a painter's cards.  The little things people can buy and they help cover the basic costs of holding the event.  Once those costs are covered I can put money towards the dog rescue charities.  

I also had a frame made for the finished Earth's Treasures.

Really pleased with how it looks framed up.  I'll be happy to keep that on my wall.  

Yet another Dorset Artist Colleen du Pon who I have shown with and who's skills I have used before, has made me another hanger for the Ammonites piece.  She did one for me for the last Art Weeks.  It's just perfect. 

I've been rather sad to read of several reports of Etsy turning into not such a nice place to sell.  As well as the place being overwhelmed with the NOT handmade stuff, it's now selling awful cards mocking Harvey Price and other tasteless items and not banning them from being sold.  I have an Etsy and was going to go back there but I am now definitely staying with Folksy! After the Art Weeks anything unsold will be listed.

Finally, I'm feeling fab!  I had a phone call from my surgeon last week and he said the biopsy from the tumour removal came back as good.  The iron infusion has kicked in and spring is in the air!  What more could I ask for? I have an appointment to see him tomorrow so he can sign me off and life can move again.

Have a wonderful week ahead!!