Saturday, 29 December 2018

So That Was Christmas

And it's all gone for another year.  We had a lovely time with the family.  The Grands are really getting into the spirit of it all now and it's good to see them enjoying it all. 

On Christmas Eve we walked to the church for the Children's Service. All the readings were done by local children and at the crib scene they asked for all the children to come up to sing Away in a Manger.  I was so proud that little Olivia went straight up there and joined in, even in wellies and a unicorn hat! 

The gifts I have been making have now all been given.  There were crochet fingerless gloves. 

And matching cowl. 
I've made quiet a few of these in lots of different colour ways but they were snaffled as last minute pressies before I could take photos!

I also made 70, yes seven zero, in fleece in the couple of weeks before Christmas!! It was a last minute thought, like you do, and they were sold for the GSP Rescue UK charity.  

I only have 12 left so not bad going!  My little Elves, John and Joe, did amazing jobs getting them out there. Mind you I don't want to seal another envelope again for a while. I will have to stock up a few ready for Crufts in March.

There was also glass gifts from the Linda Rowe days. I must use up some of my own glass and fire up the kiln! 

A wave for surfer son Chris

And mountains for ultra runners Elsa and Mike

And some Robins, trees and baubles for each of us.

I think my favorite thing was the driftwood harbour I made at a Michelle Clements-Davies workshop. 
I adored making it and have gathered a fair bit more suitable wood and materials so will probably put a few more together. 

After all the makes for others I finished off the Helen Shrimpton Mandala Madness.  

I stopped a little short of the complete pattern but it was an unfussy row with no frills etc. and as it's 58 inches across more than enough for a lap throw. 

Having eaten too much and exercised too little we are now on a damage limitation diet! I'm going to try my best to not be ill in 2019, though who knows what can be thrown at you after this past year! John currently is suffering with chesty cough, having managed to overcome his sciatica and phlebitis, so he's also hoping to leave that in this year too! 

My word(s) for the coming year is Use It Up as I have already been incorporating that into as much as possible as I can even with a # in Instagram now and then. 

From this House household to yours, have a wonderful, peaceful, healthy and creative 2019 and thank you for reading. X

Monday, 10 December 2018

Seasons Greetings!

Yes, it's that time of year already!  I have been busy, honest. Just not inclined to blog much.  Had a fair bit of illness with John having problems with phlebitis and then really nasty sciatica and I've just had my second cough in 2 months and a bit of a nasty fall slipping on the wet tiles. 

In between all the coughing and spluttering I have done a course with Karen Stamper which was lovely and freeing.  I did a few sketchbooks and totally managed to go loose!  Head out of it must be perfect mode!  Great fun.

This was my local town of Wimborne all imaginary perspective and mishmashed together.  Hardly a straight line to be seen.  
I had bought one of the Brooklyn Library Sketchbook Project books and had been wondering what to do so this was a great way of rearranging the pages and filling them.  This is one of my favorite local dog walks at the back of the house. 

Well I sent it off registered, recorded, tracked and everything and it's been in the Brooklyn post office since 28th November.  I've filed a where's my parcel thingy with USPS but no reply.  I'm hoping it will turn up with all the Christmas brouhaha.  Eventually.

I've been super brave and sorting this. 

and this 

and you wouldn't believe the stuff I've thrown out.  Well if you're a creative perhaps you would.  I'm about half way round but other things have been in the way.  I had the most ridiculous amount of acrylic paints for a non painter. 

I've sorted them into no good, nearly no good and must be used and then colour families and it's nice to know I am fairly consistent in the same colours I keep buying! 

I also unearthed this full 100 box of Oakshott fabrics.  
 Totally embarrassed about that one.  

We've had Grandpup Remi to stay a few times.  They're only allowed on the bed for a bit in the mornings once their blanket is pulled up.  
Good job we have a super king bed. 

Also had the Grands over to stay for the first time on thier own which was great if very tiring! You forget how much energy they take. But I hope they had fun.  

John has just about started moving again and this is the most common view I have of him at the moment.  We now have 3 bikes in various stages in the garage. 

He loving it so much.  He is a superb engineer and all the details have to be just right!  

This week Ive been mostly making Cosy Collars as beautifully modelled here by Elsa. 

They are selling rather well!  First day's postage. 

There are some left and more fabric on the way! All proceeds to GSP Rescue UK of course. All 8 varieties available HERE with a couple of new colours and camouflage coming soon. 

Other than that we've been doing lots and lots of lovey walks with friends 

and generally living life as best we can in between the storms, coughing and fleece orders.  Some days are just.....

Hope you're all keeping warm between the Christmas shopping and everything else this time of year brings.