Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Hare Finished

I finished the needle felted hare I had started in my last post.  

I chose to put him a slightly more active pose than others who made one.  Most of my hares here, and there are many all over the place, are moon gazers so I thought I'd be different.  

Other than that I have been pottering in the garden when cool enough and not too much else creative.  I did have a day with West Country Embroiderers yesterday with guest Margaret Beal. 

The village hall was stifling and using hot soldering irons only added to it. I put together a little sample piece of some of her processes but concentration was lacking! The car which had been in the shade all day read 32 centegrade. 

I have a current pick up and go project, other than the continuous knitting, of some felt garland pieces.  The pattern is on Shiny Happy World.  It's small and simple and nice to do sitting the the shade of a tree.  

We had a lovely day, before it become silly hot, at West Wittering with some friends and the Pointer dogs.  

It was glorious and cool with the tide out.  All 16 dogs could run and run and run. 

And run a bit more.

There was plenty of snores going on afterwards.  

We have Remi staying with us for a while.  I think he enjoyed the trip home in the convertible. 

Also Chris arrived with his Rotti Polly for a visit so we had a family photo opportunity. They actually sat still for 10 seconds! 

Remi, Ruger, Polly, Tully, Willow and Ellie

And finally our Robins fledged but I missed it.  I did see one go but it was all so quick.  However this little lady and her beau has been back again. 

We now have more Blackbirds in the studio nest. This was Sunday 18th June.

And this was this morning.  

Growing like weeds!  I'm quite pleased it's a shady part of the garden at least.  I count four this time.  

We have a house of men changing the boiler for the next couple of days and a few visits out and about.  I hope you can keep cool if you have the heatwave too. 

Friday, 9 June 2017

Some Bits Used Up

I have a little box of bits and I thought I could do something with a few of them so I made some pages. 

They're all sorts of papers and fabrics layered up onto Khadi paper and stitched into. The cover was made the same way onto a backing fabric.

All now made up into a little book. 

I've also been doing a stab-a-long and felting a hare.  It's taking an absolute age waiting for the videos though. Mustn't complain as they're free but the kit wasn't.  He'll be another nice addition to all the others when finished though.  

Some of you may remember the Robins who nested outside the studio window in 2014 HERE and fledging HERE . Well, after we had the blackbirds nesting earlier this year some Robins moved back in to the, now very overgrown and hidey, robin box.  

So pleased to see some back in there and now it's well and truly hidden in the ivy I hope to see more. 

We also had The Greater Spotted Woodpecker dad, on left, showing baby, on right, how to find food in the lawn.  They were there for a good 10 minutes and baby was quite impatient at times! 

We're now through the un asked for General Election and the result has left us in quite a mess in my humble opinion.  No one party, whichever you voted for, is strong enough to take us through the Brexit process.  We will more than likely be shredded as all the bickering and backbiting goes on here.  This could be a bumpy ride, not that the dogs were too worried. 

Have a peaceful and creative weekend.