Saturday, 25 January 2014

Doing Well So Far

Yesterday I managed to put some of these materials together.  This is a collection of items from The Thread Studio's Needlefelting  Club.

A little layering with the prefelt, wool and scrim.

A scoot around with the embellisher.

Today I stitched over the top with the sewing machine which made it dome slightly.  I wanted to add another element and first was going to use copper sheet but thought this brass mesh was nicer.  Because of the doming of the fabric I also dapped the mesh circles into domes.  Cute eh??

They were stitched on, a plus side to the mesh though the copper sheet would have stitched too.

After adding some beads I have now started to layer them onto another prefelt I have run through the embellisher with some more of the wool and a chiffon overlay.

As I'm running on 3 hours sleep a night at the moment I think I will put this aside and pick it up again tomorrow now.  I'm used to erratic sleep patterns but also know when stopping is a better option than picking out stitches the next day!!! 


Friday, 24 January 2014

Just a Quick Heads Up

Myfanwy Hart has started a group called Create Something Every Day and sometimes, like this weekend, there will be an extra push.  The main link is and there is also a private Facebook page which you can ask to be a member of, ask any member or me so Myfanwy can approve you in.
There is no limit to where you come from or what you create or in what media.  You can paint a picture, sew a panel, sculpt a figure, design a garden flower bed, bake a cake you just have to try to create something and post about it.

I'm off to see what I can rustle up as the prompts start later this morning and carry on over the weekend.  Join us if you can!

I did manage to experiment with some babywipes, moulding paste, mount board, silk, beads and stitch and make this little casket in the week.

I wanted to see where else I could do other than books with a little structure, I enjoy building things!! It was only an experiment but I did enjoy it so I see some more in my near future.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Three Little Books

Those book parts I readied last week have now been made into books.

This first one is 8.5 cm x 11 cm.  Board, gold leaf, beads, leather and metal elements. 30 double sided antiqued pages.

And it opened.  It has a beaded page marker but I don't seem to have photographed that.

This one is the same with silver leaf and some turquoise chips added.

And you can see the page marker here.

And finally this one is the same size again with a mix of metal leaf.

Open again.

They are all going into the Dorset Art Weeks box and if I don't sell them then they can go onto Etsy.  All the money from small items like these will be going towards the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and Combat Stress charities so hopefully someone will like them!

I bought myself one of those photographic tent things quite cheaply to try and help with my appalling photographic skills.  These were all taken with my point and shoot on auto, it certainly evens out the tones and glare! It even came with some little lights.  Very pleased with it.

Have a great weekend!


Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!  I had an interesting start as I was on a starve diet for the end of December and New Year ready for more tests on the 2nd January (Champagne is classed as a clear liquid, right??).  All done and the plus is the consultant is happy he's found nothing untoward so far.  Minus side is he still hasn't found where I keep bleeding from.  Sometime in the next week or so will be swallowing a capsule camera and being the hospital guinea pig for their new equipment which is still being set up.  He should then see parts that normal doctors cannot reach!!! Should be an interesting experience!

As you can probably imagine I haven't been in too much of a mood for creating but I did do some prep work for some more little books which you will see when I have finished.

We did have Chris come back from Australia with quite a few gifts.  One was a glass bottle with some bits in he had found.

Unfortunately the little bottle broke on its way back but I had a thought and made this little guy.

Who sits in the bottle like this.

And then is trapped in with the top soldered on.  I think I just ned to make a few little charms to make sure he doesn't escape and cause more mischief. (Total height 5 inches).

Do you remember the necklace Black Beauty below?

Well it will be on tour with The Beadworkers Guild for the next year so if you go to any show where they have a stand, keep an eye open for it and let me know.

I have chosen another word for this year.  It will be USE.  I want to use my time more wisely, use the things I already have, use the experience of the Open Studios to focus and perhaps even use this poorly tummy experience to get on top of my health.  I'm sure there will be a few other uses for the word use too.

Have a great weekend.