Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!

At the end of this month Dorset holds it's Art Weeks, or open studios.  See the box to the right.  I really am not panicing though Jan tells me she is a little.  I have things to show and hopefully people will turn up.  I can only put up what I have made and hope people will like them.  A lot of my items are for sale for charity and any that don't sell I will be putting in my Etsy shop after the event.  

I've been so content actually I've been making pieces for a exhibition in August 2015!  I just hope I won't be wiping egg off my face now.  Last Thursday night I had a huge lightbulb go off just before bed.  Makes a change they usually do at about 3am and I struggle to remember in the morning.  Anyway I went into the studio and layered up some bits so they could dry over night. 

The next morning I could add colour to the base.  There is a Khadi base, tissue, jute twine, scrim, leaves and molding paste covered in dilute acrylics and inks

While all that was drying I layered up these wools, silks, scrim, leaves, Angelina fibres and some sparkly Christmas ribbon chopped up and then covered with chiffon.

A thorough zapping under the embellisher fused everything together and even the leaves held up under the chiffon!

The two were then joined together with hand stitch and some beads added.

A bit more stitch, yet more beads and a few more leaves later and it's almost there.  I have it up stretching on the Wall at the moment which gives me time to readjust the eyes and see where else it needs things before mounting it on a canvas panel.

I have also been making notebook covers, all A6 size.  Top row just about finished and the bottom row in various stages.  I did the two pink ones on the aircraft and in the hotel at Edinburgh recently.  I like it when things have a little history!

And I do leave the house sometimes!  Last week was Olivia's first swimming lesson.  I think she loved it!!

Have a great week.