Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!

At the end of this month Dorset holds it's Art Weeks, or open studios.  See the box to the right.  I really am not panicing though Jan tells me she is a little.  I have things to show and hopefully people will turn up.  I can only put up what I have made and hope people will like them.  A lot of my items are for sale for charity and any that don't sell I will be putting in my Etsy shop after the event.  

I've been so content actually I've been making pieces for a exhibition in August 2015!  I just hope I won't be wiping egg off my face now.  Last Thursday night I had a huge lightbulb go off just before bed.  Makes a change they usually do at about 3am and I struggle to remember in the morning.  Anyway I went into the studio and layered up some bits so they could dry over night. 

The next morning I could add colour to the base.  There is a Khadi base, tissue, jute twine, scrim, leaves and molding paste covered in dilute acrylics and inks

While all that was drying I layered up these wools, silks, scrim, leaves, Angelina fibres and some sparkly Christmas ribbon chopped up and then covered with chiffon.

A thorough zapping under the embellisher fused everything together and even the leaves held up under the chiffon!

The two were then joined together with hand stitch and some beads added.

A bit more stitch, yet more beads and a few more leaves later and it's almost there.  I have it up stretching on the Wall at the moment which gives me time to readjust the eyes and see where else it needs things before mounting it on a canvas panel.

I have also been making notebook covers, all A6 size.  Top row just about finished and the bottom row in various stages.  I did the two pink ones on the aircraft and in the hotel at Edinburgh recently.  I like it when things have a little history!

And I do leave the house sometimes!  Last week was Olivia's first swimming lesson.  I think she loved it!!

Have a great week.


  1. I love the creation - and the fab pic of Olivia

  2. Beautiful work all round and the photograph of Olivia and her mum is joyful!

  3. Beautiful work, the colours in your pieces are stunning.

  4. Lovely work Amanda, and a delightful picture of you both enjoying the water. I'm surprised you get anything done with that bundle of joy to distract you!! Actually, having time for more than feeding, washing and sleeping would have defeated me, so Very Well Done!!! Enjoy every precious minute with her!

    1. Hi Virginia, you are a no reply blogger so I couldn't answer you directly. Thank you for commenting on my blog, it's always great to hear from people. Elsa is my daughter and Olivia is my Granddaughter but she it still a time stealer in a big way! Love every minute of it. x

  5. Beautiful all round. Olivia and mum both look to be enjoying the water. Maisie was the only baby that cried when Rachel took her for her swimming taster.

  6. Love that new piece, so rich, and the book covers are great too.

  7. That's a rather gorgeous textile piece....so nice to see the process.
    The books are very pretty.....I guess they are for your Open Studios? Hope it goes well for you both.

  8. Scrumpcious colors & texture in your work & the books are delicious, too. Wonderful swimming pic ;) good luck with the open studios!


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