Thursday, 17 April 2014

Just a BIt More Glass and another Ovum

I had another firing session of glass cabochons.  A bit of an experiment with some of the glass combinations and overall I'm quite pleased.

The three major fails were the ones at the bottom of the picture above but I really love the glow of the ones below!

A few weeks ago I put some wool tops, scrim, off cuts etc through the embellisher and then started stitching over it. 

Lots and lots of stitches.  It really feels lovely when it starts firming up into a proper fabric base.

It was about 18 x 7 inches when I'd finished.

This is it stretched out on the design wall having been spritzed from the back.

I then added cocoon 'eggs' I had beaded and stitched gold purls to and shisha mirrors, and mounted it.

Another Ovum box compete.
Ovum III

I hope you all have a wonderful and creative Easter break.  I hope to be doing a little more of this. 



  1. Beautiful buttons and your new fabric looks almost like tweed, I like it a lot. Have a super Easter with your gorgeous granddaughter.

  2. I just love the way that the colours glow in the cabochons. The embellisher piece looks good. I love tube way that you can create such rich fabric with it.

  3. Love your creativeness. Enjoy your cuddles. They are very precious.

  4. Some gorgeous creations there, but Elsa and mike are still the current winners!!!!!

  5. You really fire the glass yourself? Wow....what fantastic results! They are very covetable ;-)
    Love the idea of handstitching on your felt. Must try that.......


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