Monday, 24 March 2014

Well That Was an Interesting Weekend!

On Friday we were planning on a little drive out to see Elsa and Mike, but more of that later.  First thing John went and did some pottering in the garden and I actually warmed up the sewing machine.

I was in one of those I don't know what to do moods and started just generally tidying up when I found this jelly roll which was one of the prizes given to me for Sunset at the West Country Quilt Show.

I'd seen that quick strip method a few times around the internet so I thought I'd use it up with an added fat quarter to add stops.  It's really not my colours but for a floor quilt for Olivia it's lovely and bright!  It took 1 hour 15 minutes to make and is 42 x 60 inch.  Can't beat that for a quick fix can you!

In the mean time John's pottering turned out to be preparation for another 5 fence panels to be replaced. Again these were in slot in posts so John just needed a hand lifting the panels up high enough to put them in.  Unfortunately the wind was a little gusty and just as we had one panel at it's highest it was blown backwards.  I hung on to it ok but my right wrist didn't like it very much and there was a nasty pop.  Yes, wrist had given way and I spent most of the rest of the day with ice on it.  I was pleased I had finished the quilt top beforehand though!! Saturday I really wasn't happy with how it felt so John drove me to Salisbury A&E.  X-rays showed no obvious break but there was a large widening on the bones and a very rough looking bit on one of them.  The doctor said it is a torn tendon and she put me in a splint.  Only time can really help at the moment so fingers crossed it will heal with no problems.  I have fingers that move and can wave up and down without too much discomfort but twisting and and any weight is rather painful.  

We still hadn't caught up with Elsa and Mike but Sunday was all planned out!  

There was a little bead fair at Upton Country Park and the Beadworkers Guild were there with the Silver and Grey members display.  My Black Beauty neck piece is on the righthand board top centre among some other beautiful pieces.  

After buying one or two bits (mainly tooling I didn't have so don't tell me off for not Using!!) we went down to Knoll Beach, Studland and let the Pointer Puddle Plus One have a frolic in the sunshine.

Now, do you remember THIS post from las year??  And do you remember that Mike was doing the run too but then THIS happened?  I know quite a few of you were extremely kind in sponsoring them doing the run and you will now be pleased to hear that one year on, a rebuilt leg and a baby later...

...Mike did the run again and finished yesterday afternoon!!

Same people, different poses same fantastic result.

And this time Owen, who was in some of those photos from last year, ran as well.

As you can see the contrast in the weather was amazing but the sunshine doesn't make it any easier, Mike says seeing how far you still have to run is not always the best thing to be thinking!  Three marathons in three days along our amazing coastline is a phenomenal achievement.  Well done all three of you, I'm a super proud Mum!!! xxx

I'm off to see what I can and can't do with a splint on, have a great weekend!! 

(PS The robins are still in and out of the box so hopefully a result!)



  1. Oh poor you Amanda, that sounds painful. Hope it heals soon, John must be waiting for you to help with the rest of those panels ;-)
    The floor quilt is perfect for a little one; good stimulation for the eyes! :-) Its really lovely....

  2. Your injury sounds horrible, I hope you heal well. I love your jelly roll quilt, they're great fun to do and so quick! Is it really a year ago for that run? That's scary, thank goodness the weather is so much better this time.

  3. Lovely work you've been doing, I'm only just catching up, sorry! Your Braille book is beautiful. Hoping for a busy w/e this one coming if you can use your other hand ;( Get better soon!

  4. The quilt looks great, the green stops work really well, hope the wrist is all sorted now (sorry, this post slipped right off the bottom of my Bloglovin list !). Snd well done Mike, great finish! One of the mums atdvjool is doing the Sahara run - six marathons in five days in the Sahara - she must be mad!


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