Tuesday, 11 March 2014

No 2 and No 3

Last week we flew over to Jersey for the Textile Showcase.  There were a few locations for the exhibitions which we had to hunt out, non of them had any indication on the outside that there was anything going on inside.  Not sure if we missed anything but we gave it our best shot and quite enjoyed ourselves.  There was plenty of time for exploring the island again and even a long visit to the Durrell Zoo.  Friday night was the Gala dinner and I finally managed to catch up with Kim Thittichai who I have been missing like ships in the night for quite some time!  I sat next to Fran Griffith, also a tutor at the event and also quite a near neighbour of ours.  Other than having a couple of phone calls mid dinner to let us know the house alarms were activated everything went well!! Beautiful weather too. The only things I came away with was a skein of hand dyed merino yarn for Olivia and a lovely old big key.

The past couple of days I have made another couple of the little birds from Frowning Francis.

My DAW Partner and I have sorted a proper venue out, at last!!  It may be too late to change the catalogue address but we are only over the road from the farm where we were going to be anyway and a few signs will sort that out.

Today I am layering up some fibres and see where they take me.



  1. Glad you had a good time although it does seem to have been remiss not to have put out signage.

    Love the birds.

  2. Sounds like a lovely trip, and I love the key. I sorted out all the keys in a box at school ( no internet meant nothing else to do !) and now have dozens of keys that I thought I'd make a wind chime out if, but ageing them in vinegar and salt didn't work - if anything they look cleaner and newer! Bah! There is something very lovely about old keys

  3. I would have loved to have gone about to the Textile Showcase....saw Kim's posts about it.
    And Maggie was there too?
    The wool is beautifully shaded; I would like to see the turquoise version....did they sell any?

    And as for your birds....they are incredible. Clever, clever you. x


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