Friday, 28 February 2014

Pas de Deux

For the past three weeks I have been a part of a class online with Doll Street Dreamers making a pair of dolls by Barbara Schoenoff called Pas de Deux.

This is my pair finished today.

The girl is 20 inches and boy, as he's bowing, is 18 inches.

Some time ago I bought a Country Casuals jacket in a charity shop for £4.  Not because I would wear it, it was bright pink!, but because I liked the fabric.  The Georgian style flamboyance leant itself to the fabric rather well.  It's the over skirt and jacket, (not the beading, I did that).

I used cotton for the shirts but everything else in the costuming is silk.  (Another tick in the USE box!! )

I know you know I like making my little people but please believe me when I say I can not stand dolls.  I absolutely hate them.  Punch and Judy will send me running, china faced dolls I want to drop forcefully on the floor and those horrid baby newborn type things will have me screaming.  But the art dolls I have been making are something else.  For a start the majority are trolls and hardly lifelike!  With this pair it was the costuming that caught my eye.

I used to love my Sindy, not because she was Sindy but because I could dress her (Tiny Tears was forcefully put in the bottom of the wardrobe and never saw the light of day), I could make her something other than she was supposed to be.  The school play season was very exciting, but I was only interested in back of house never front.  I love the DVD's where you have the extras that include the making of scenes including the wardrobe.

Anyway I suppose this pair have satisfied a little bit of the wardrobe/dressy uppy type person within me.  At least it's another something to shove in a corner for the Open Studios!! (Don't forget you can click on photos for larger ones.)

I hope you have a great weekend.  We have another visit from Livvi coming, she's changing so fast even in two weeks!



  1. love the creations (not dolls!) My oldest looked at doing 3D theatre (costume and set design) for A'level - I was really jealous! Sadly the college wasn't really accessible from us. Elsa's creation's pretty fab too

  2. How very wonderful! So much expression! Have a happy weekend!

  3. Great use for recycled clothing. you have done a great job.


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