Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Our New Arrival

Elsa started having contractions in the very early morning of Valentines day but they didn't mount to much.  She still had them all through the weekend and on into Monday.  They finally started to make more of themselves later in the day but Elsa was still pushing through like the wonderful, strong girl she is until last night.  When she finally decided she'd had enough and needed some pain relief Mike drove her in (apparently is was rather bumpy!!) and she was admitted to the maternity ward.  Half an hour later this beautiful little bundle arrived.

No name as yet, they're waiting to meet her for a while first but she is so lovely and seems a peaceful and content little thing.  I hope she stays that way!!  Even John seems more than a little smitten with her though he's yet to be brave enough to hold her.  All in good time! I have a feeling we could have a little bit of spoiling going on in our future!!!



  1. Congratulations, a beautiful little girl, not surprised your going to spoil her.

  2. The photo of you and your granddaughter is beautiful. Does it feel strange to hear soneone say your granddaughter. It is such a lovely feeling. The photo is there on the inbox but not when you click onto the blog. Hope Elsa is settling into her new role.x

  3. Congratulations to you all - I always think birth is such a wonderful miracle. You have every reason to spoil her rotten. Enjoy every second of her.

  4. Congratulations Grannie 😊.....what a little beauty.
    I am envious...... X

  5. Congratulations. She's beautiful.

  6. Thank you! She is due for a visit any minute so great excitement here. :-)


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