Thursday, 20 February 2014

We Have New Neighbours

During all the excitement going on around here I actually noticed this little busy chap (or Chapette).

When we had the conservatory re built on the side three years ago it narrowed the corridor down the side of the house.  There was a little robin box left on the fence line but it's always been empty.  I've been trying to train the holly and ivy to help conceal it hopefully to give it enough cover for a nest builder to find it acceptable. We seem to have some interest!

And just to show how close the box is, from my window to the box is about 4 feet.

They have been very busy as that amount of leaves and fluff has only taken a couple of days to build up.  There are always Blackbirds, Wrens, Dunnocks and Robins flying up and down that corridor and we have plenty of sparrows nesting just to the front of my room.  That is where I sit, usually facing to the left of picture but, as you can tell, using the machine too.  I spend a lot of time in there and I'm hoping that my presence doesn't put them off nesting, they know I'm there and I don't intend to stop using the space!  Robins are very sociable and there are usually several nests in the local garden centre so they will, and should, become used to me.

I'm just off to sneak back in there and hopefully do some sewing so I have something more creative to show you very soon.


  1. Ah, that's where you work! What a lovely view......lucky you. X

  2. Definitely good neighbours to have and I'm sure they won't mind you working close by - a resident baby sitter for them??

  3. It must be lovely to be ble o watch the family as you work! She should be ok with you being there, after all they must have known you were there!

  4. I would feel very honoured to have robins nesting in the garden. Sometimes we get bluetits in our nestbox but I don't think they've nested for a couple of years. At least it must mean that Spring is just around the corner and how lovley for you to have a grandstand view :)

  5. I've pulled the blind down that's behind the sewing machine just to give them a little privacy while they are getting used to the idea that I do actually move around in there!!

  6. How lovely to have them nesting in your garden, hope to see photos of the new babies when they arrive.


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