Monday, 25 June 2012

Brooklands Again

I have been a little unwell over the past few weeks but we did manage to do to this years Brooklands meet over the weekend of 16th and 17th June.  This year we concentrated on the Double 12 and will more than likely be entering next year with Winnie our 108 which can be seen at last years event here.

Of course there are old cars...

 Old bikes...

Old aircraft...

Hybrids. This Rolls Royce had a Merlin engine in it.  It made the most fantastic noise!

A little bit of fashion awareness going on for the Vintage Village.

 John with his contemporary 'wanna have' car of the '60's, Lotus Cortina.

A few of our friends readying for the Double 12.  

The hill climb stage.

Regrouping in the Brooklands banking for some control tests.

Geoff with a little more enthusiasm than most!

This very early little car didn't have reverse but added 3 manpower to it's few horsepower.

John about to play in the SLS AMG, this time the new roadster soft top rather than the gullwing.  He ends up with forehead bruises climbing in and out of that one!

It was a great weekend despite the few problems I was having with headaches and we're really looking forward to next years event!


  1. Looks like a wonderful time there with all those "old" vehicles. Lots of different types of transport too! FuN! :)

  2. My hubs would have loved all this. Hope you feel better soon x

    1. I like the balance of being a secret petrol-head, but that's not what's causing the problems. Most of the time!! lol.

  3. Hi Amanda,

    I was just catching up and reading through older posts and spotted my name there as you have awarded me a Liebster Blog Award. I am touched that you think me worthy and will get around to posting it on. Thank you. Hope you are feeling much better and your other half too.

    My friend Sarah gets bats coming down her chimney, they fly around for a while and then disappear again. They are not living in the house but just come to visit. We have a bat box on the front of the house and I love to watch them flit around.

    1. I Shirley, I did send you an email, another one lost in the ether I expect. There must be thousands there by now! lol

      Bats are beautiful little things. We were quite honoured for it to join us briefly.

  4. Looks like a whole lotta fun! Nothing like that around here!

    1. We do love our cars Maggie. I can also do a surprising amount of stitching whilst in one too so we both have satisfaction!

  5. Lovely pics of Brooklands, hope you waved as you came past J14 :-)


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