Monday, 25 October 2010

Time to Play with Mystery Monday

The putting together instruction arrived in the in box this morning.  This is what I have up on the design wall at the moment.

John says it looks like a nuclear explosion.

I like the way that you see things very differently through a lens and on a screen.  I can now see the four circles clearly, on the wall I see the baskets.

I may play with it a little before committing but I do like this way.  I also can't find the fabric key at the moment and wanted to check which was my A colour!  Daft or what.  I also think the borders will really finish it.

I think I have a couple of hours to fiddle but I have lunch with some girlfriends today and don't want to become too engrossed!


  1. It's looking GoOddd!!!! I agree borders ALwAys add the finishing touch! Well done!

  2. It's looking great. I rather think my borders are going to be determined by whatever fabric I have left over. I hadn't seen the baskets until you mentioned them.

  3. I love the look! You do have to see a quilt through a lens sometimes to really see it!

  4. I've just had one of those days today but the little MM quilt is almost altogether, just two rows to go and then the border. I'm more pleased with it the more I work on it.


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