Thursday, 28 October 2010

Nearing Completion

Over last weekend I first quickly made a little teabag pin cushion.  The one I had beside Bob kept falling off the table and so I made this one and filled it with fine aquarium sand.  It doesn't move and sharpens the pins too.  It's a 4" x 8" finished size rectangle of stripy pieced fabrics sewn into a tube.  One end is then sewn, re fold 45 degrees on and sew the other seam.  I did make an identical one from calico to hold the sand and put that inside the cover before slip stitching the last side.  If in doubt of the shape, look at those pyramid teabags!!!  (Don't ask me why the background is pink, I think the computer was struggling with the RGB balance.  It's white watercolour paper really!)

The other thing I attacked I had dug out of the UFO pile which was the White Nights quilt by Jinny Beyer.  I had made all the blocks, (all 1" strips!), a while a go and then added it to the pile.  Over the weekend I put in the corners and squared up.  Next job was to piece together and yesterday I put on the borders.  It's over the banister upstairs as it's king size and the only way I can photograph it easily at the moment.  Underneath is the wadding which arrived in super quick time as always from Asding, thanks Ali.

Congrats are to go out to Maggi who has one of her little quilts in print, please go over to her site for a nosey, she also has another of the Mystery Mondays done and it looks smashing.

I'm about to do an all change in the room arrangements and my Nolting mid arm and Grace Pro quilting frame are going onto Ebay, the space is needed.  I am quickly trying to sort a few of the outstanding projects before the upheaval so I will hopefully have a clue to where I am.  We have Mike here at the weekend and hopefully Chris too so I will abuse their muscle power and have them move furniture.  Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Neat pincushion.
    I have his big brother "bookstop" at my place... haha
    Well done. :)

  2. Cute pincushion! Good idea with the sand! Love that Jinny Beyer quilt! It is going to look awesome all quilted up! Good luck selling the Nolting and GracePro!

  3. Love the tea bag pincushion and the Jinny Beyer quilt just glows. Thanks for the mention.

  4. The colours on this are just gorgeous and I love your little teabag pincushion. You have a great eye for colour.

  5. Ah, just seen yours Cheryll! Your's has proper five sides and looks complicated. A deserved BIG brother!

    As for the quilt, I'm just nuts about Jinny's colours. I am such a warm, deep, rich colour person and she seems to hit the nail on the head all the time. This one was a kit I imported and they are so generous with the fabric cut, I now have quite a bit to add to the stash. She is nearly impossible to find over here so I'm well chuffed!

  6. What a neat little pincushion, and such a good idea to fill it with sand.


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