Saturday, 16 October 2010

All Quiet

Or not.  We've been a little busy with things other than me sewing so not a lot to post really.  I just needed to move a post on as John took the mickey out of me for using the word 'gota' in the last title!  I was very firmly taught that there was no need for the word 'got' in the English language, there is always a better alternative and so I really don't like that little word.  Me actually using it is very rare!  Strange what peculiar things stick with you from school (Thank you Mrs Robinson, I've never forgotten!).

I completed Module 1 of my C&G course and had a favourable report back.  It was really interesting, I can't remember the last time I did such formal kind of learning.  I've no idea of the structure these things are supposed to take so I just made it up.  Mind you the Module itself was superbly laid out and great to follow.  At the end I could feel my brain unlocking and seeing things quite differently.  I could probably go back and do the whole thing again totally differently, but that would lose the point of the journey.  I have added quite a few extra parts for my own peace of mind though.  Module 2 looks just as interesting and I can really see how the first part has helped me open up for the second.

John was fishing on Thursday and caught a 13 lb cod.  He was over the moon.  He had some for dinner last night and thoroughly enjoyed it, the rest is in the freezer.  I don't eat fish myself but I enjoy fishing, especially salmon on the fly, and prefer catch and release, but John manages to eat his sea catches.  I love looking closely at the fish.  They have the most beautiful markings on them that never seem to work well on camera.  I think it's the freshness and the movement that make the difference, not something you find on the supermarket slab!

Anyway, before my brain starts on another train of thought for a design...  I will pick up a needle this morning, the first in a few days! Sorry no pictures today.

Have a good weekend.


  1. I am with you with Grammar (now I don't even know how to spell the looks wrong)..and too late to go find the dictionary..the paper one with all the words in it!

    We have a local paper here that I am sure is written by 12year old children with no writing or language skills...the slang and in particular using the word "cops" instead of the more respectful "police" annoyed me to the point where I won't even buy the paper any more especially when the Editor just treated another reader who commented with great disdain.

    I must really be getting old.!..the thing is that some of the young people just think that nice language and manners are so unnecessary.....and as for their language....all I can say is the world is full of illiterates..I have lost people who I refuse to allow to use bad language in my home but then who needs them.

  2. You're not getting old Shirley!

    I know language has to evolve but it seems to be at an extreme of incompetence of not knowing the basics at the moment. Pure laziness really. We'll all be speaking with greatly reduced vowels in a few years time, if u knw wht i mn! lol

  3. As an ex English teacher and lover of language I also hate the way that it is abused. I wouldn't mind so much if they actually managed to learn the rules before breaking them.
    Congratulations on competing Module 1. I am still working through it but am thoroughly enjoying it and keep getting diverted by ideas that it throws up.


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