Saturday, 9 October 2010

Just Gotta 'Ave 'Em

Our lovely Horse Chestnut is still doing it's thing despite possible signs of the Bleeding Canker, a most devastating disease that could be about to do as much damage to England as Dutch Elm Disease.  Why is it that the conkers, so fresh and plump, are something I find I just have to have, even just for the few days before they start to shrivel. I can't resist!

Perhaps it's that they are so paintable, but I never seem to finally do them in paint or pastel.  Perhaps it's a reminder of the boys in junior school bragging about whose was bigger.  Do you remember the ways to make them last in Conkers? Dry them, bake them, soak them in vinegar all to have the title of a six-er or eight-er or more! Wow.

We'll just enjoy them for the moment and not put them through the rigmarole!

I have been trying to make the Nolting work properly for a few days and I think I have succeeded.  After a few tweaks this morning I have managed to quilt a whole single top for the lady who holds our sewing group today.  Nothing too elaborate, she only wanted stipple which I was more than happy to do on a poorly mid arm!

I also, finally, managed to finish the little panel that I started when we were touring around Spain and Portugal with Elsa and Mike last year!  It was a download from Quilting Arts, just something quick (ha ha) to do whilst away.

There are lots of sitting in the back of the car together stitches and sitting by the pool stitches and waiting for dinner stitches and lots of we're not listening to car talk stitches in that little panel.  

I'm missing Elsa a lot today. 


  1. There are also empty of chestnuts at home, they fall gradually.
    Your quilt is beautifull, the colours are very cheerful.

  2. Loving your little panel! Very cheery, and a good remembrance of your time!

  3. Great memories of playing conkers, before Health and Safety stepped in. Lots of happy stitchy memories in that little quilt, lovely colours.

  4. There's something so precious about horse chestnuts. When I was teaching we used to have displays of them in the classroom and when we opened them we'd say we were opening a treasure box :-) They make me feel very nostalgic!

    Your quilt is so pretty (and very neatly stitched).

  5. The conkers are very much shrivelled now. Still a lovely colour but nothing beats that first out of the shell tone and sheen!


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