Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Busy Day

We have been looking out at the beautiful red Brandt grapes hanging on the vine outside the study for a while now and thinking it was a shame not to use them.  They're a bit on the small side and pippy but very sweet and tasty.  The birds love them.  I saw a recipe for red current jelly, which I use a lot of in my winter cooking, and wondered about grape.  Sure enough there are plenty of versions of it out there and we chose two that seemed favourable.  A rummage in the garage came to the conclusion that we had sent far too many jars to the recycling and none were left of the right size for the jelly.  After a trip to Hobbycraft we came back with these ten 8oz jars which were soon filed with the most beautiful coloured grape jelly.  Just the labels to print now.

John also went a picked the apples from the trees to make apple sauce. Considdering the harsh pruning we have put the trees through over the past couple of years, we were surprised at how many there were.  All bagged up and in the freezer now.

I bought some round needles whilst we were at Hobbycraft as I've joined Debbie's Sock Club just to find some of her lovely yarn in the post box every month.  I've just finished knitting John a hat for this winters fishing and realised how much I missed it and how easy it is to watch a film etc doing it.  I used to do knitting for pin money when the children were very small for a friend of mine who had the local knit shop.  It soon all comes back though.  No more cold feet this winter! 

For absolutely ages I have wanted to buy a set of Tsukineko fabric inks.  Not just any set, the workstation.  Of course it's not for sale over here and I hummed and ahhed about having it sent over.  I found it on the Overstock site who now ship to UK with the claim that what you pay is what you pay.  No added taxes or shipping.  I thought, OK, this has to be worth a try!  No customs or Parcel Force/Royal Mail rip off??  Yeah right!!!   And here they are all the way from Newark. AANNNDDDD I ordered them a week ago on the 26th September.  No waiting, no extra charges, no problem.

Pickled onions are soaking in brine tonight for pickling tomorrow.  Roast pork with apple sauce, squash and beans from the garden for dinner and a Tsukineko DVD to watch later.  A good day.


  1. Gosh you are all set for winter, your pantry is full and the leaves are turning!

  2. Looks like you have got plenty of goodies to keep you going. Nothing like home made produce. Great deal with the inks. I have always avoided ordering them because I get fed up with paying customs duty. Looks like this is a good site.

  3. Oh YuM! I'll be over for dinner!

  4. What fun to be able to use the fruits of your ground for winter provisions! All the food sounds yummy! I am going to have to check out overstocks for those inks, never thought to look there! I am wanting to learn to knit socks, I think that is an after the first of the year project for me!

  5. Knitting socks can be very addictive - I have knitted several pairs using that random wool, can't think of the name of it at the moment! Thanks for your deposit by the way - look forward to meeting you in the Spring! x

  6. Sounds like you've really got things sorted:-)
    I'm very interested in those fabric inks; time to do some research I think....

  7. The sock club wool doesn't arrive for another week or so, it's an end of the month thing, but I have a few patterns and the needles all waiting. As for the inks, they're still in the stand, still sealed. Could someone please tell me the secret to 27 hour days??!!??


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