Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Day Out Hand Quilting

Yesterday was the hand quilting day with Barbara Chainey at Cupcake Cottons.  We set off at 07.30 and had a nice drive up. Only a brief delay at Marlborough, which was unusual, and a drive around Burford when we missed the turning on the roundabout and we still arrived at 09.30 on the dot.  John and the dogs went off for a day at Lechlade fisheries and I went up to join in the sewing group.

It’s a lovely light shop with lots of fabrics and quilts to admire and room enough for classes.

Afternoon tea and the beautiful cupcakes arrived (in style if you read over on the Cupcake Cottons blog). 

I had to buy a piece of fabric or two and a lovely little wooden beehive with beeswax for quilting thread.  My effort at quilting in a hoop was passable but then I didn’t learn to drive a car in a couple of hours either.  I will try and finish the sample so I can say I achieved an end result! 

I was a great day for me meeting two bloggers in one. Thank you Barbara for travelling to the shop and to Jackie and Steph for hosting.  John’s fishing was unsuccessful but he did have a couple of chasers apparently.  Jackie and Steph were kind enough to send me home with a secret parcel for him which put a huge smile on his face though.

Elsa and Mike drove down last night too to start their move back to the south coast.  Lots of cleaning and decorating to be done over the next few days before they can move in fully but they are so excited.  And a last picture of the Imperial Fritillaries that we planted three springs ago and had done nothing each year until now.  Patience does pay in the end. 

I hope your weekend is as lovely and sunny as it promising to be down here.



  1. What a bright and cheery place! You are right, nothing is learned perfect without practice! And love your beautiful flower!

  2. Sounds like a perfect day out! The Fritillaries are stunning, well done for your patience :-) Thank you for your comment on my blog Amanda :-)

  3. Hand quilting is a lovely thing to do, isn't it? I have some fritillary bulbs to plant, so it will be interesting to see how they go in Melbourne, Australia...could be a long wait!!! :D

  4. Hi Amanda, I love reading your blog and have awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award.
    For details go to

  5. Well done on the hand quilting, practice, practice, practice. That looks like a lovely box of fabrics there. I am looking forward to see what Jacky and Steph have at Malvern ( hope they will be there). Beautiful Fritilary.

  6. Glad you enjoyed your hand quilting. The fritillaries are beautiful, well worth the wait.


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