Saturday, 22 September 2012

Being a Duck

I recently bought a book by Marion Barnett of Artmixter. It's called Finding Your Focus and very much worth a read!

Anyway, I have worked my way through it and taken on board quite a lot of the information and decided that, no matter how beautiful dragonflies are, I'd rather be a duck!  

I've dug deep and tried to make order out of the 101 things on my todo list.  Surprising what comes to the top using Marion's method! 

In my best duck outfit (!) I pieced this entire top on Thursday.  It is now layered and basted ready for quilting which I am going to do on the little machine rather than the longarm.

It's 45 inches square, fabrics and pattern by Jinny Beyer.

I carried on with the duckish momentum and also made another quilt of 48 x 64 inches yesterday but I can't show it yet and that one is completely finished, now in the washing machine.

Oh how smug I feel.  Thank you Marion!!!! (Any confusion over references to ducks and dragonflies can be resolved within the pages of the above book! lol)



  1. Your little quilt is loverly! If being duck bring that out, then go for it!

  2. Thank you, little duck... I'm glad you found the book useful!

  3. What incredible colors! I just love it, you're very talented.

  4. Ducks V Dragonflies = mystery!

    Good for you though. Must get a copy of this book if it helps focus creativity.

    Hilary G

  5. Definitely feeling duckish myself after that book as well, although most of my efforts have been in the garden.

  6. What a beautiful top, love it! I'm intriegued by the ducks and the dragonflies, - another book to add to the to-be-read list!


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