Friday, 15 February 2013

A Brief Interlude

Please play corny lift music whilst staring at the ceiling or your shoes.

I have had a bit of a cough for a couple of weeks and this week it exploded into full on something or another.  I've had a totally empty diary and so have spent my time working hard in my studio coughing and sneezing and basically dying in bed or on the sofa.  No energy or will to lift my head and aching tummy muscles.  I'm still anaemic according to Dr's tests and being susceptible to coughs and colds is a side effect.  This is the third bout since the ulcer bleed in October.

I'm becoming so fed up.

Whilst I could still lift my arms a little I did do this little waistcoat from a Noro pattern.  Jumping from the 8mm of the throw to 3.75mm for this was interesting! I loved the bright flecked yarn I found in a local shop.  (I may just put this one to one side, just don't tell Elsa and Mike).

And as I don't have much more to say here is a photo of one of the Great Spotted Woodpecker's through my studio window yesterday looking rather fine and dashing in his plumage.

And this is the male Blackcap who visited this week after showing a photo of the female last week. I think they are pretty little birds and, for those who don't know, they are of the warbler family and known as the northern Nightingale as they sing so beautifully.  They are really only a summer visitor but a few have started to over winter here now, but it's still a rare thing.

If my coughing allows I may lurk in my studio for a while and see what doesn't happen.  Have a great weekend.



  1. Sorry to hear that you are back in your sick bed. Do get well soon. That's a lovely waistcoat and very handsome visitors.

  2. At least the birds have entertained you. Hope that cough soon clears up and you are feeling much better. Like the waistcoat and the colour.

  3. Sorry to hear you've had the lurgy, hope you are on the end. The knitting looks great, and the buttons are perfect!


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