Sunday, 22 June 2014

Back to School

At the beginning of the year I signed up for an online class with Luthien Thye on Artful Gathering.  It began at the start of the month and it was just the thing I needed after the Art Weeks.  Creating with most of the thinking already done.  

She used a couple of things I haven't used in my books before, polyclay and stamps, which was my main reason for wanting to do it.  

As well as new ways with the polyclay I also found out that though I am a prolific coffee drinker, sadly decaf nowadays, I really don't enjoy the smell of it when used as a stain! Back to tea next time. 

The additions were fun and quirky and the metalwork a nice way to finish off.   I can definitely take some of the things learned further.

I have also been trying to perfect the glass and I think I am making progress! 

The picture on the left is of the first batch which were better and the ones on the right the second which were even more improved.  Top blue black set already sold as buttons for a velvet jacket from a Art Weeks comission.

I am often using items to weigh things down in the studio, things that need to rest to stay (like the rather curved pages in the book above!) or for glue to set for example.  I most often use a couple of house bricks I have covered in felt.  Quite large and cumbersome so I have been looking for a nice set of kitchen weights for a while and finally found this lot on eBay.

They were taken into the factory for a bit of blasting (don't nag me about the rust dying potential!  I want to use them!!)

And John gave them a nice coat of paint.

They are a great size, the 4lb sits nicely in the palm of my hand and should just about cover all the jobs I need them for.

And yesterday John and I were major Grandparental Units!  Elsa had arranged a surprise spa visit and lunch for Mike for his birthday and we had the honour of babysitting Olivia.  A bit nervous as it was our first virtually full day but there were no tears and I think everyone had a nice time.

Happy birthday Mike!

Have a wonderful week ahead!



  1. The book is gorgeous. Love chunky ones and the cover design on this is stunning.

  2. The weights look great, john did a fab job! I used to have a set of scales like that, I wonder where they went!

  3. I'm just catching up as I lost all my Feedly links. I'm glad you had a great time on DAW. What a lovley family photo and thank you for the thought about the weights, you saved me sending mine to the charity shop!

  4. The book looks fab...I especially like those grungy pages! And I can't believe how beautifully you restored the weights....they look like new :-)
    As for Olivia...I am beyond jealous. My two are in their thirties with no hope of partners, let alone babies! :-/


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