Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Catch Up is Going Well!

First of all I did something I've never done before, I used the keys to do some rust dyeing.

I laid them out with a few wisps of steel wool on vinegar soaked cotton.

Put them to one side covered overnight.

And washed and ironed the following day. 

I used two pieces of PFD poplin and two of the 440 count Egyptian cotton that is available.  They both behaved when it came to taking the rust but, as usual the Egyptian I find too dense, too fussy and too hard to iron decently to be bothered with again.  I'm pleased with the patterns and will try again once the keys have rusted up with a little more thought to how they are wrapped.  The first use and vinegar does seem to clean them!

I started the Felting course after this lot arrived.

My sample results are below.  Shading.


Still lots to learn especially with technique but it's interesting!  And I seen to be losing weight on my wrists from all the rolling and my bracelets now slip off which they have never done before!

As for other things...

1) I think the number one slot in The List is always going to be another piece of clothing of some sort for Olivia!  I will keep this updated.  At the moment it’s yet another cardie from the Jumping Jellybeans book. 

2) Mystery Item No 1.  Is still waiting

4) Mystery No 2. Finished this one!! I will show you after Christmas!!

5) Mystery No 3. Still waiting

6) Mystery No 4. Also still waiting.

7) The Travellers Blanket I have done a little on mainly after the Halloween quilt was finished and I was still in evening stitch mode and pre another knit mode.

8) The hand pieced Hexi is not far from finishing now. Well the top at least. I am waiting for the lightbulb about how to quilt.  

9) My Tweets.  Nothing yet.

10) Ricky Tims’ Lady of Shalott now has the threads and so there should be no excuse other than time to start this.

11) Aunt Sukey can wait at the bottom for a bit.

So a bit of movement there which I am pleased about.  It's growing shorter!! 

On the more domestic front I have covered a cushion for my studio chair.

And made some bumpers for Ruger's bed.

And I have a footstool to cover next.

Tummy ulcers have decided to flare up again and causing problems so I'm on a bit of a go slow again until the energy levels rise.  At least the knitting and hand sewing can be done on the sofa!  

I'm a bit sad I missed Ally Pally this year and I hope all of you who went enjoyed yourselves! 


  1. The rust looks great, I expected to be able to see key shapes though! Sorry to hear you are poorly, hope it improves soon. I missed K&S this year too ... But am off to the Dublin one inn two weeks: Jackie and I have a day in Dublin, a day at K&S then two days at hers- yippee!!!!

  2. Gorgeous marks from those keys. I really like the samples you've done with the felting so far and it looks like you've got a wonderful array of tops to work with. Are you doing an online course or a face to face one?

  3. You've got some wonderful marks fron the rust dyeing. Have you tried using tea to wet the fabric with? I've just done a workshop with Alice Fox and she uses varieties of tea and also red wine. You don't need vinegar and the colours can vary. The steel wool gives some beautiful marks. I hope you soon feel much better. Take care. x


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