Saturday, 28 February 2015

In Fine Style

Last Spring we flew up to Edinburgh to see the exhibition 'In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion' at Holyroodhouse.  It was wonderful to see all the paintings and clothing all together.  It was really interesting as John and I listen to a lot of audio books usually based in this period of time, Shardlake, John Shakespeare and the like and it really helps to paint the picture for the story.

Over the summer I started just playing with some fabrics and layering them up and adding lots of stitch and beading with the thought of making a sample book which was used by the gentry to choose the fabrics and adornment they wanted for their clothing.

I finally finished it last week.  7.5 inches square.

Back cover.

The covers and back sides of the concertina were clothing pictures printed onto fabric and free stitched.  The cover has a little gold paint on it too.

The zig side.

The zag side.

And the back side.

Lots of pieces of silks and velvets.

Fringing and slashing.

And beads with lace.

I really enjoyed the non structure of it and making it up as I went along.  A nice little thing to pick up and put down. 

Last Saturday we had a little celebration.  

One already!

Who can resist a piece of cake!!

We're just about to start warming the sofas up for a bit of the Six Nations.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 


  1. Golly, love it! Zig zag books are very up my street just now.

  2. Love, love love the fabrics. Your little boy's expression is priceless.

  3. What a lovely thing, that book. I can envision the fascination with which a young girl might peruse it, the tactile pleasure it would supply. Guess I'm remembering myself when I first became fascinated with bits of cloth & embroidery threads from my mother's sewing. And as an adult, I wish I could hold your book & run a finger over it. As for the form, this is a perfect use of it.

    1. Thanks Sheila, I didn't receive an email with your reply again, not sure why. I liked the tactile quality as I was stitching it too. I had a wonderful rummage in my fabric stash and found all sorts of interesting pieces which probably wouldn't have been used otherwise.

    2. Yes, I know about the problem with you not getting my reply via e-mail. It's happening on many blogs and apparently is a problem with those of us not using a gmail address. My yahoo address does not match the originator (google) so is seen as spam. Rather than google and yahoo playing nice about this (and yes, I petitioned both), they are both happy with me having to do a work around, i.e. change my commenting to a g-mail address. To which I say, if I wanted a g-mail address, I'd have one by now, but I purposely chose yahoo instead. Oh well, I know they eventually get seen, provided the blogger remembers to take a look.

      Yes, I can see how constructing this kind of book over the long term would indeed have you digging into places of forgotten bits and bobs, and would feel so wonderful during construction.

  4. A year passes so quickly. Your book is just beautiful. Hope you enjoyed the rugby.

  5. Replies
    1. I have replied to you Irene but I think you're a No Reply Blogger. Thank you for your comment though :-)

  6. What a precious make everything with such precision. I bet its lovely to hold....

  7. Such a beautiful little book.

  8. Happy birthday Olivia! Gorgeous girl and a gorgeous book made by grandma xx


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