Thursday, 10 March 2016

400! Whoo!!!

It seems to have taken an age to reach my 400th blog post.  Mind you I have slowed down an awful lot since those early days, probably much to your relief.  I think the whole blogging scene has actually.  Probably more to do with Facebook than anything else.  I like the more permanent record of my blog though.  

Anyway, it has been an interesting week! I have been stitching more of these. 

Karren and I went to the opening of 100 Cubed on Saturday and had a look at all the entries.  It was so interesting to see how many different ways there were to frame a piece 100mm x 100mm.  I was delighted to be told that evening that one of my pieces had sold.  On Tuesday afternoon I had a message from the gallery owner that another had sold, did I have any more!!  Well no I didn't but I did have some made up background so started chopping.  

There were no frames left either so yesterday was making up frame day. 

Today I will be assembling and dropping them off to Swanage.  A rather scruffy me at the opening.

Coming back we are hoping to see an exhibition by another Dorset Artist David Brooke in Wareham and then a huge drop off of bags to the charity shop.  The last of the clearing out from the re build last year.  

Last week was also the publication of the latest Dorset Artists magazine and I'm in it!  Please click through to HERE if you're interested in having a look. Though Andrea Jenkins who interviewed me took lots and lots of photos I was a little disappointed that the close up of Pas de Deux was chosen as the main piece.  Still it's what other artists see and chose to use so perhaps I'm a little stale with it and have stopped seeing properly. Our group is going from strength to strength and it is wonderful to know and be supported by them and have them around locally, not just on line.  

My desk will be clear this afternoon.  I have several things I want to pursue from more items to take to the Brokenhurst Needlework Fiesta in April, a couple of scribbly experiments in the Khadi book and a germ of an idea that I've been taking notes about for quite a while now!  

Enjoy the rest of your week.  


  1. Congratulations on the sales and being in the magazine, I couldn't get it to open for me.

  2. Many congrats on #400 and your sale :-}

  3. Congrats on the sales - how exciting!

  4. Amanda, I am so glad you are continuing to blog. I too, have noticed a big drop off in blogs. As I no longer 'do' F'book, I so appreciate the thoughtfulness of those textile artists who continue the practice. Thank you. And I love the art you have shared for your 400th blog. Delighted that your pieces have been bought. It is sad to let them go but an affirmation of your creativity and artistry when someone loves them enough to pay for them!

  5. Well done on the sales and the blogging milestone. I have heard others say they like the written record of their work via a blog. Think I am much too lazy and like the quickness of Instagram. I shall look forward to seeing what this germ of an idea breeds.xx

  6. Congratulations on the sales and the exposure that you're getting lately

  7. Congratulations - you'll be rivalling the bard next!x


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