Thursday, 3 November 2016

Well I'm Glad That's Over With!

October was an absolute write off!  The Thursday after coming back from London I woke up with no voice and that lasted three days.  That then went everywhere and I was knocked sideways by the most horrendous cold thing and was in bed for 12 days.  Never been so ill with just a cold!  Of course there's no use going to the doctor as there's nothing they can or will do so home remedies it was!  John makes a pretty mean hot toddy I must say. Just recovering from all that and my Hiatus Hernia rolled rather nastily which caused a bit of worry for a few days, but it's ok and no mad dash to hospital this time! And my cold has come back, but it feels normal this time thank goodness.  

Whilst all this was going on I missed going to the Knitting and Stitching show at Ally Pally and I was gutted!! I had a long list of to do's, plenty of galleries I wanted to visit and a few people to meet up with.  All passed and not even a sniff of those lovely halls!! I have now taken a huge leap and booked my hotel and a train ticket to Harrogate at the end of this month!! Scarey going all that way without my rock beside me but I know he will be following my on my Find my Friend thingy so with me in spirit.  It was wonderful when I went to Paris on my own knowing he was there in ther ether like my guardian angel. 

One of my Facebook groups raises lots of money for Pointer charities and it held a raffle some time ago which I won a prize of a painting of one of the dogs.  The lady who initially said she would do it backed out but I was thrilled to be told that Michelle Diprose, an amazing artist and also a mad Pointer owner, would be doing it instead. Look what she did of my boy Ruger!! Isn't it fantastic??!! 

I can't tell you how perfect it is and I am so, so pleased to have some of her amazing work especially of one of my own dogs.  

Being so ill does not add up to much in the way of creativity, lots of sleep but not getting on with things.  I did start a long piece for the exhibition next year.  It needs a lot more added to it but I had to do some for a photo for the Art Centre brochure coming out for the new year! 

I also used some of the boiled eco papers I made back in September to make a book. 

You probably saw the start of this if you follow me on Instagram. Link to me, incase you don't and want to. I'm not a prolific poster but things do make it there now and then.

It's 6 x 7 inches and will be for the exhibition too. 

Now days are drawing in as the clocks have pointlessly gone back I feel I'm fighting for time more and more.  I'm sure it will be all ok in the end but March is running towards me too fast!!! 

Oh and I finished my Embroiderers Guild Course, thank goodness.  I now have the Level 2 in Machine Embroidery.  I wanted to do the EG one rather than the City & Guilds one as it goes to Level 4 but the incompetence of my first tutor totally put paid to that idea!! Thank you Ms Howes for nothing!! 


  1. The painting of your pointer is wonderful. What a rough October for you with that dreadful cold. I am in my 4th day of a rough cold; a hot toddy sounds like a cure. I have a hiatal hernia too; what happened with yours? Wishes for a great November.

  2. Sorry October was such a bust when it all started so well. I promise not to take you to any more exciting exhibitions. Really glad to see you are beginning to recover and cant wait to see that piece finished. We need several more for March. Keep on.x

  3. Sorry about your awful October, sometimes the simplest things, colds, can knock us for a loop. Love the painting of your dog.

  4. I'm glad for you that October is over and I do hope you're fully recovered from your horrible health issues. I've not heard of a Hiatus Henrys rolling, it doesn't sound pleasant. I'm in that club too so I hope mine doesn't get any ideas. Take it easy (a bit) through November while you re-gather all your strength.

  5. That should have been Hiatus Hernia of course. No idea who the Henrys are. lol

  6. Glad you are starting to feel better. I don't mind the wrinkles and grey hair of getting older but I hate that it takes longer to recover from things, colds in particular. Hope you are soon back to speed :)

  7. I can empathize with your lost month. Similar thing happened to me back in June. Sometimes you just have to roll with it and not worry about all you could have been doing. And yet, there you have a few lovely things that did get worked on and completed.

    What a fabulous painting of your dog! I can imagine how thrilled you are, especially since it is by someone of some fame. I have a colored pencil drawing of my last dear dog now gone that Felicity Grace offered to do for me. She only had some photos to work from but she managed to capture my Jesse perfectly and I treasure it. Our pets do become part of the family and deserve such preservation for posterity!

  8. What a fabulous portrait of your dog. Sorry to hear you've been so poorly but glad you!re feeling better.

  9. So glad you are feeling better, and hope the compromise K&S makes up for missing AP! Awesome painting ... Looks almost as good as yours!!!! Xxx


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