Thursday, 22 December 2016

The Last of the Year

I picked up this little chest of drawers for £5 the other week.  It was in a bit of a state but you know how we all like little drawers!!! 

John cut the top off and replaced it with some oak and we added a plinth to the bottom. Because of some of the marks on it and the removal of the metalwork leaving unvarnished places I decided to ebonise it with some Black Polish.

I've lined the drawers with some soft bump and all my special, semi precious cabochons have finally found a nice new home. I'm rather pleased with it 

One thing I made for a friend for Christmas she has opened.  Only a little thing and it's a bit of an experimental piece.

Strangely while it was stitching out near the end it was still stitching but the needle stayed in the up position.  I'm not too sure if it's something wrong with my machine or the pattern as it seemed to happen in the same place each time.  In the new year when there is more time I will investigate further.  

And the sketchbook each day fell after day 9!!!!  No surprise there really.  Perhaps it's just the wrong time of year or I really am as useless as I know at using sketchbooks!!  I have this book...

...and I decided to randomly open it each day and take inspiration from the page.  Anyway, the efforts so far.  

I slash the pages down between the spirals so I can take the pages out to work on them and then slot them back in.  They are using all sorts of inks, pearl gels and pens I have around the studio that don't usually have much of an airing so that's a nice something to come out of it anyway.  Maybe I will pick it up again when I don't seem to be out of time!! 

It's that time of year to wish you all a Happy Christmas and creative New Year.  I seem to have a few interesting adventures ahead of me and I hope they turn out as well as they possibly could!! Keep creating!! 


  1. What a great find! And it's perfect for cabochons! Happy Holidays!

  2. Love the cabinet, what a great price. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Well, at least you gave it a go, and using the book for prompts is a good idea. When I did my drawing a day thing, I too found it a good excuse to get out some drawing materials I hadn't fooled around with much. Like the idea of removing the pages to work on and then putting back in. I actually have a Canson mixed media art book designed with repositionable pages. It sounded like such a good idea for mixed media art journaling but I have yet to work with it. Anyway, Holiday greetings to you too and enjoy that little cabinet and all you've stashed away in it.

  4. Don't beat yourself up. I'm useless at regular sketchbooking too. But professional artist friends of mine don't keep a sketchbook so I don't feel quite so bad. Daily inspiration from another book is a great idea. And I've got cabinet envy - how exactly did you ebonise it?

  5. Those 'adventures' sound a little ominous. I trust all is well with you. The cabinet is gorgeous. Best Christmas and New Year wishes to you and your whanau.
    BTW, I am useless at doing anything on a daily basis, such as journalling, exercising, etc. I have decided it is not a character flaw but rather that I am too busy doing other things, sometimes for other people, and as long as I am content at the end of each busy day, what does other 'stuff' matter?

  6. Your book looks like wonderful inspiration. Gothic architecture was always my favourite part of medieval studies and although I'm not a million miles from Ripon and Durham, the one thing I do miss from our times "down south" was the close proximity to Winchester and Salisbury cathedrals.

    Happy Christmas to all your 'pack'. J. Xx

  7. The cabinet is fab - great find and great save from John! If you want to send me the embroidery I can see if it plays up on my machine


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