Saturday, 7 January 2017

Cosy in the Studio

Whilst coughing and spluttering I have managed some time in the studio where it's nice and warm.  At least this cold hasn't knocked me sideways into sleep recovery like the last one did when I lost two weeks! 

I put this quilt together.  It's 29 x 90 cms, or about 11 x 35 inches in old money. It needs blocking again to straighten it and I think I'm going to put a bit of stitch in the border too.  

Red Sky in the Morning
I've put some triangle corners on the back for hanging but I'm not too keen on them.  I usually have a standard sleeve which I split in two so it can be show hung on a batten as normal or on a single nail or pin in the middle like an ordinary painting.  These triangles don't give me the option of ever showing it under normal rules.  Won't be a long job to put the sleeve on though. 

I printed up some paper the other week with some shell stamps I carved from erasers. 

I've now used some of the paper in shell books.  This first one is Pectin Scallop Shells. 5.5cm or 2 inches across.

This is a very delicate and translucent pair of Saddle Shells. 10cm or 4 inches across.

Just right for writing seaside thoughts into. 

I went into Salisbury in the week to sort out some contact lenses, has to be easier to walk the dogs in the wet than in glasses!! It was really quite cold even in the city, - 4 when I left home out in the sticks, and I was really shocked at how many shops had thier doors open and these heat curtains blowing down instead. What exactly is wrong with having the door actually closed keeping the warmth in? Terrible for the environment let alone their bills.  Really daft.  

I'm off to change a hanging sleeve, have a great weekend! 


  1. Always enjoy seeing your new work. The hanging quilt is of course gorgeous, but the seashell paper touches my heart, so delicate.

  2. What a lovely piece to start off the New Year! Lovely little books as well. I need to get to work - you're putting me to shame. :-)

    1. I'm sure you will storm ahead soon! You're usually way ahead of me in production 😊


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