Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Golden Gifts is Done

I've been managing to sit in the studio quite well for the past couple of days.  By the end of the afternoon I can be a little sore though so trying not to over do it.  Thank you for all the messages, they are much appreciated. 

I turned the pages in the previous post into a book.  

I've decided to put more into books for an Exhibition in November again in Shaftesbury.  I will be doing other pieces too but want to mainly have the 3D of the books at this one.  

As always the photos are terrible and at the moment I really dont have the patience to faff about with it.  I will set it all up properly before the show and hopefully take some then.  

The covers are really quite shiny though so they are not liking the light very much.  They are also a little on the soft side so I have been thinking of a stand I can make to display it better.  

This week we also noticed that Ellie had a bit of a swollen face so yesterday she had to have a tooth out.  One of the big ones at the back was split vertically and she also had a baby tooth still which has now gone.

She's been feeling very sorry for herself and taken to holding on to a aerosol top.  Even putting her in har jimjams didn't mean she let it go!! 

We are sharing the sickie flag this week.  

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